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Last Name, First NameEmailExtensionExtension
OfficeDepartment / Service
Laberge, Claudine48304830
B-602.7Financial Services
Laberge Lebel, Louis [expertise]39333933
B-450.30Department of Mechanical Engineering
Laberge, Renée-Pascale [expertise]31463146
C-314.15Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Labib, Richard [expertise]46404640
A-520.16Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Laboratoires, Comptoir44994499
L-6630Information And Technologies Services
Laboratoires institutionnels, B-511 - 60 places32393239
B-511Institutional computer laboratories
Laboratoires institutionnels, L-6624 - 60 places - multimédia20392039
L-6624Institutional computer laboratories
Laboratoires institutionnels, L-6622 - 56 places - multimédia20372037
L-6622Institutional computer laboratories
Laboratoires institutionnels, L-6626 - 60 places - multimédia20402040
L-6626Institutional computer laboratories
Laboratoires institutionnels, L-6655 - 62 places - multimédia21132113
L-6655Institutional computer laboratories
Laboratoires institutionnels, L-6659 - 62 places - multimédia20382038
L-6659Institutional computer laboratories
Laboratoires institutionnels, L-6616 - 62 places - multimédia51335133
L-6616Institutional computer laboratories
Laboratoires institutionnels, L-6657 - 62 places - multimédia51325132
L-6657Institutional computer laboratories
Laboratoires institutionnels, L-6615 - 54 places - multimédia50125012
L-6615Institutional computer laboratories
Laboratoires institutionnels, L-6612 - 62 places - multimédia47504750
L-6612Institutional computer laboratories
Laboratoires institutionnels, L-6611 - 80 places - multimédia20832083
L-6611Institutional computer laboratories
Laboratoires institutionnels, L-6613 - 80 places - multimédia20842084
L-6613Institutional computer laboratories
Laboratoires institutionnels, L-6614 - 62 places - multimédia50115011
L-6614Institutional computer laboratories
Labrie, Richard(514) 340-4827(514) 340-4827
A-209.3Department of Financial and Material Resources
Lacasse, Patrick24632463
C-237.15Recruitment Service
Lachambre, Audrey-Anne36293629
A-201Office of the Registrar
Lachambre, David33483348
M-7701Information And Technologies Services
Lacroix, Christian33473347
A-343.4Department of Electrical Engineering
Lacroix, Richard42894289
B-452Department of Mechanical Engineering
Lafleur, Jean [expertise]47924792
B-651Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Lafleur, Michel(514) 340-3205(514) 340-3205
J-3029UdeM - Chemistry
Lafleur, Pierre [expertise]46184618
B-528.8Research and Innovation Directorate
B-528.8Department of Chemical Engineering
Laforest, Marc [expertise]39763976
A-305.26Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Lafortune, Hélène(514) 340-4827(514) 340-4827
A-209.4Department of Financial and Material Resources
Lafrance, Brigitte40704070
CR-1023Placement Service
Lafrance, Mariane49994999
C-240.8Office of Student Affairs
Lagier, Fabien Eddy32813281
B-265.14Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Laguë, Normand70117011
B-602.3Financial Services
Lahaie, Roxane70157015
Office of the Registrar
Lahrichi, Nadia [expertise]47844784
A-520.20Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Lajeunesse, Marie-carline49764976
A-305.20.2Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Lajoie, Louis-Simon43164316
A-201.10Office of the Registrar
Lakis, Aouni [expertise]49064906
A-107.1Department of Mechanical Engineering
Laliberté, Andrée36313631
B-510Placement Service
Laliberté, Marc-André48364836
C-308Building Management
Lalonde, André42834283
C-111.9Building Management
Lalonde, Luc50495049
M-4007Department of Computer and Software engineering
Lalonde, Marie-lise32603260
C-237.4Recruitment Service
Lalumiere Duchesne, Mathieu59625962
A-381Building Management
Lamarche, Martine33583358
A-558.2Department of Chemical Engineering
Lamarre, Hubert49024902
M-1130Information And Technologies Services
Lambert, Paul58905890
A-482.2Centre for Characterization and Microscopy of Materials (CM2)
Lamon, Walter47984798
B-528.1Information And Technologies Services
Landry-Ducharme, Yanik24752475
A-626Department of Chemical Engineering
Langevin, André [expertise]45114511
A-520.3Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Langevin, Brigitte47874787
B-576Department of Engineering Physics
Langlois, Pierre [expertise]51965196
M-4125Department of Computer and Software engineering
M-4125Department of Computer and Software engineering
Lanouette, Réal52095209
C-335.3Building Management
Laperrière, Jérôme48364836
C-308Building Management
Lapierre, Stéphane48364836
C-308Building Management
Laplante, Marie-yannick36123612
M-5121Department of Electrical Engineering
Lapointe, Alain30093009
Research and Innovation Directorate
Lapointe, Jérôme20912091
L-6902Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Lapointe, Marie-Josée(514) 340-8507(514) 340-8507
Laras, Atmane34023402
L-7928Information And Technologies Services
Larbaoui, Mohamed48364836
C-308Building Management
Lareau, Michel47964796
A-382Building Management
Larivee, Sophie40184018
C-237.13Recruitment Service
Larochelle, Monique70707070
J-1101Department of Engineering Physics
Larocque, Guylaine49604960
A-616.10International Relations
Latreille, Philippe48364836
C-308Building Management
Laurence, Hélène36263626
C-521.3Office of Research/Centre for Technological Development
Laurendeau, Éric [expertise]41974197
J-5057Department of Mechanical Engineering
Laurin, Jean-Jacques [expertise]59905990
M-6027Department of Electrical Engineering
Laurin, Patrice47454745
C-539.2Building Management
Laurin, René44884488
L-7906Information And Technologies Services
Lauzon-Duguay, Frédéric59775977
A-616.4Department of Financial and Material Resources
Lavertu, Marc [expertise]36093609
J-2069Institute of Biomedical Engineering
J-2069Department of Chemical Engineering
Lavigne, François48364836
C-308Building Management
Laviolette, Josée40094009
A-455.1Department of Mechanical Engineering
Lavoie, Lyne(514) 343-6111 x32823(514) 343-6111 x32823
Lavoie, Marilyne69916991
Lavoie, Martine29792979
B-510Placement Service
Lavoie, Nadine42944294
A-421.3Department of Mechanical Engineering
Lavoie-Richard, Sarah41264126
L-7926Information And Technologies Services
Le Bel, Suzanne46824682
A-429.10Department of Electrical Engineering
Leblanc, Jacques47454745
C-539.2Building Management
Leblanc, Marie-Josée34323432
M-7703Information And Technologies Services
Leblanc, Roger48364836
C-308Building Management
Leblanc, Yves43834383
A-580.3Department of Engineering Physics
Leblond, Frédéric [expertise]47404740
B-559.5Institute of Biomedical Engineering
B-559.5Department of Engineering Physics
Lebrun, Denise48364836
C-308Building Management
Leclaire, Sebastien [expertise]44004400
C-318.8Department of Mechanical Engineering
Leclerc, Guy [expertise]48214821
B-336.11Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Leclerc, Martin37133713
B-265.15Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Ledezma Soto, Sylvia48364836
C-308Building Management
Le Digabel, Sébastien [expertise]42914291
A-520.31Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Leduc (employé), Carl46104610
M-7703Information And Technologies Services
Leduc, Manon47894789
B-643.3Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Leduc, Mikaël49694969
B-559.9Department of Engineering Physics
Leduc-Primeau, François [expertise]22042204
M-5023Department of Electrical Engineering
Leduc, Shirley22112211
C-237.3Recruitment Service
Lefebvre, Josianne74607460
B-581.8Department of Engineering Physics
J-5075Surface Analysis Laboratory (ESCALAB)
Lefebvre, Mario [expertise]49474947
A-520.11Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Lefebvre, Sylvain37223722
B-528.6Teaching Support Centre
Legault, Guylaine43204320
B-601.6Human Resources
Léger, Jean21482148
C-133Building Management
Léger, Pierre [expertise]37123712
B-265.12Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
B-265.12NSERC/Hydro-Québec/Alcan Industrial Chair on Safety and Structural Integrity of Concrete Dams
Legouix-Viau, Caroline24742474
B-510Placement Service
Legrain, Antoine [expertise]
A-520.10Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Legros, Robert [expertise]49224922
T-490.04Department of Chemical Engineering
Legua, Éric52255225
M-5111Department of Electrical Engineering
Leite, Maria-Helena [expertise]29772977
B-336.6Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Lemay-Beaulieu, Antoine48364836
C-308Building Management
Lemieux, Johanne40954095
M-4402Department of Computer and Software engineering
Lemire, Céline(514) 340-4711(514) 340-4711
AREP (Polytechnique Retirees Association)
Lemire, Michel [expertise]41064106
M-6109Department of Electrical Engineering
Le Ny, Jérôme [expertise]48864886
A-429.13Department of Electrical Engineering
Lepage, Réjean48374837
M-5115Department of Electrical Engineering
Lepage, Sylvain48364836
C-308Building Management
Lerouge, Sophie41844184
A-630.5.5Institute of Biomedical Engineering
Leroy, Jérôme21992199
B-643.3Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Lesage, Frédéric [expertise]75427542
L-5618Department of Electrical Engineering
L-5618Institute of Biomedical Engineering
Lesage, Pascal [expertise]33683368
T-310.LDepartment of Chemical Engineering
L'Espérance, Gilles [expertise]45324532
A-477Centre for Characterization and Microscopy of Materials (CM2)
A-477Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Lessard, Christine58265826
C-337.12Building Management
Lessard, Patrick48364836
C-308Building Management
Lessard Pratte, Philippe48364836
C-308Building Management
Letendre, Daniel48404840
A-100Institutional Security Service
Lévesque, Jean-Paul47334733
B-536.1Department of Engineering Physics
Lévesque, Marie-France39353935
Lévesque, Martin [expertise]46034603
B-601.8Office of Professorial Affairs
A-119.2Department of Mechanical Engineering
A-119.2Laboratoire de mécanique multi-échelles (LM2)
Lévesque, Nathalie46194619
M-5410Department of Electrical Engineering
Lhadji, Laïla47284728
A-201Office of the Registrar
Liamini, Djazia
A-630.5Institut TransMedTech
Liberelle, Benoit74317431
J-2086Department of Chemical Engineering
Li, Li [expertise]24082408
A-353Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Lindsay, Julie52135213
C-224Copy Centre
Lizotte, Chantal(514) 340-5265(514) 340-5265
Lockett, Alan43514351
L-7902Information And Technologies Services
Lodi, Andrea [expertise]33193319
AA-5507Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
AA-5507Canada Excellence Research Chair in
Logo, Edoh Liagros60276027
Lollier-Théberge, Christelle41104110
A-201Office of the Registrar
Lompe, Kim Maren21942194
B-353.2Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Lopera Giraldo, Mélissa43234323
A-203.3Office of the Registrar
Lopez Rios, Nibardo43704370
M-5613Department of Electrical Engineering
Lòpez, Yorgy48364836
C-308Building Management
Lorion, Diane43574357
B-602.6Financial Services
Lortie, Rachel39583958
M-6106Department of Electrical Engineering
Louineau, Estelle21082108
T-321Department of Chemical Engineering
Louis, Carline46864686
B-601.5Office of Professorial Affairs
Louis, Marc-Arthur47934793
L-7936Information And Technologies Services
Loyer, Manon(514) 340-4461(514) 340-4461
A-200Research and Innovation Directorate
Luis, Maria48364836
C-308Building Management
Lussier, Evelyne31413141
C-231.7Recruitment Service
Lussier, Gilles41484148
C-240Office of Student Affairs
Lussier, Stéphane48414841

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