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Last Name, First NameEmailExtensionExtension
OfficeDepartment / Service
Dagdougui, Hanane [expertise]47734773
A-520.9Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Dagenais, Guylaine41264126
L-7926Information And Technologies Services
Dagenais, Michel [expertise]40294029
M-3426Department of Computer and Software engineering
M-3426PolyFab Normand Brais
Daher, Ray22052205
C-240.19Office of Student Affairs
Daigle, Nathalie43414341
B-218.24Office of Research/Centre for Technological Development
Daigneault, Carole32103210
B-218.14Communications and public relations
Daigneault, Yves52295229
Dallaire, Julie42184218
B-265.5NSERC/Hydro-Québec/Alcan Industrial Chair on Safety and Structural Integrity of Concrete Dams
B-265.5Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
D'Almeida, Ayite Mawunyon43464346
L-7927Information And Technologies Services
Dandres, Thomas22452245
T-310.LDepartment of Chemical Engineering
Daneau, André(514) 340-4067(514) 340-4067
Danjou, Christophe [expertise]36023602
A-306.9Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Dansereau, Jean [expertise]45874587
B-450.19Institute of Biomedical Engineering
B-450.19Department of Mechanical Engineering
Daoud, Ahmed [expertise]44014401
B-450.23Department of Mechanical Engineering
Daoud, Gladys41984198
C-407.1.9Department of Mechanical Engineering
C-407.1.9IICAP ( Institut en innovation et conception en aérospatiale de Polytechnique
Darras, Vincent31343134
C-109.4Health and safety
C-109.4Institutional Security Service
Da Silva, Marie-Noël23332333
A-429.19Health and safety
Daunais, Jeanne51945194
M-3002Department of Computer and Software engineering
David, Jean Pierre [expertise]20092009
M-5027Department of Electrical Engineering
Daxhelet, Xavier23882388
B-559.9Department of Engineering Physics
Debanne, Philippe21302130
M-3117Department of Computer and Software engineering
Décarie, Jean-sébastien36153615
M-6009Department of Electrical Engineering
Décarie, Yanick52095209
C-335.3Building Management
De Carufel, Carole Anne57785778
A-683.3Centre for Applied Research on Polymers (CRASP, CREPEC)
DeCelles, Stéphanie43244324
A-201.9Office of the Registrar
Dechatigny, Sylvain48364836
C-308Building Management
Decoste, Matthieu59845984
C-335.4Building Management
De Crescenzo, Gregory [expertise]74287428
J-3067Department of Chemical Engineering
J-3067Institute of Biomedical Engineering
Decterov, Sergei [expertise]57965796
AA-6493Department of Chemical Engineering
Defretin, Julie46514651
A-616.8International Relations
Delage, Érick69106910
Delepine, Élisabeth49954995
B-577.1Department of Engineering Physics
De Lillis Gonçalves, Dominic58305830
A-609Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Delisle, Robert41524152
A-556Department of Chemical Engineering
Delmaire, Hugues60566056
Delorme, Sébastien44034403
Department of Mechanical Engineering
de Marcellis-Warin, Nathalie [expertise]41274127
A-305.24Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Demers, Ariane40554055
B-601.18Human Resources
Demers Béchire, Sophie22062206
C-237.5Recruitment Service
Demers, Benoit42294229
C-335.7Building Management
Demers (employé), Francis34373437
M-7703Information And Technologies Services
Demers, Louise44954495
B-602.2Financial Services
Demers, Ninon48404840
A-100Institutional Security Service
Dénommé, Lyne23922392
B-258.6Department of Engineering Physics
Dépatie, Johanne(514) 340-8511(514) 340-8511
Derraoui, Hayet23632363
B-602.15Financial Services
Desaulniers, David48364836
C-308Building Management
Desaulniers, Guy [expertise]66716671
A-520.15Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Desaulniers, Louise47794779
Desbiens, Nelson37153715
L-3806Building Management
Deschambault, Michel44844484
B-222.2Office of Research/Centre for Technological Development
Deschamps, Isabelle [expertise]34183418
C-314.17Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Deschamps, Pauline41624162
CR-1046Fondation et Alumni de Polytechnique Montréal
Deschênes, Louise [expertise]59745974
A-684.2.3Department of Chemical Engineering
T-310.GDepartment of Chemical Engineering
Desforges, Anic24432443
A-557Department of Chemical Engineering
Desharnais, Jacques43624362
Deshommes, Élise22362236
B-442Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Désilets Bergeron, Roxanne24582458
J-1121.6Entrepreneurial center Poly-UdeM
Desjardins, Anouk [expertise]40714071
B-424.1Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Desjardins-Dubois, Suzanne(514) 340-4943(514) 340-4943
Desjardins, Françoise44174417
A-421.6Department of Mechanical Engineering
Desjardins, Patrick [expertise]43054305
J-5073Department of Engineering Physics
J-5073Thin Solid Films (international scientific journal)
J-5073Department of Financial and Material Resources
Desjardins, Raymond [expertise]45054505
B-424.2Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Desmarais, Michel [expertise]39143914
M-4111Department of Computer and Software engineering
Desmettre, Clélia31193119
B-265.9Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Desormeaux, Éric48404840
A-100Institutional Security Service
Desroches, Claude43534353
B-582.1Department of Engineering Physics
L-6632Information And Technologies Services
Desrosiers, Jacques60426042
Detuncq, Bruno(514) 340-4711(514) 340-4711
AREP (Polytechnique Retirees Association)
Devals, Christophe37503750
M-3421Department of Computer and Software engineering
Devaux, Émilie(514) 340-4990(514) 340-4990
B-208Research and Innovation Directorate
Devost, Jean-Yves48494849
Diakhite, Ousmane50325032
L-7947Information And Technologies Services
Diamond Doucet, Vicki48314831
B-602.15Financial Services
Di Iorio, Kevin48364836
C-308Building Management
Dimitrakopoulos, Roussos45094509
Dionne, Julie
A-630.5Institut TransMedTech
Dionne, Marcel59775977
A-616.3Department of Financial and Material Resources
Dionne, Marie-Josée42994299
CR-1023Placement Service
B-510.4Placement Service
Dionne, Nathalie37443744
Dionne, Vincent41124112
B-324Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Dion, Stéphanie49664966
A-616.13International Relations
Doberva, Margot37113711
B-654Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Dohou, Pascaline(514) 340-5108(514) 340-5108
C-337.11Building Management
Dompierre, Julien37503750
M-3421Department of Computer and Software engineering
Dorai, Ferdaous24592459
J-1121.5Entrepreneurial center Poly-UdeM
Dore, Éric48854885
C-240.14Office of Student Affairs
Dorner, Sarah [expertise]39513951
B-431.4.3Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Douard, Agnès28332833
A-630.5.1Institut TransMedTech
Doucet, Jocelyn(450) 332-7627(450) 332-7627
A-578Department of Chemical Engineering
Doucet Lamoureux, Julie(514) 340-5856(514) 340-5856
C-237.1Recruitment Service
(514) 340-5856(514) 340-5856
Dousset, David59895989
M-6017Department of Electrical Engineering
Drolet, Yves24172417
J-2084Department of Engineering Physics
Dubé, Adam46724672
L-7934Information And Technologies Services
Dubé, Jacinthe43974397
C-318.7Department of Mechanical Engineering
Dubé, Line46504650
A-616.9International Relations
Dubé, Steve49724972
M-6011Department of Electrical Engineering
Dubé, Sylvain32063206
C-132Building Management
Dubé, Véronique33493349
M-3002Department of Computer and Software engineering
Dubois, Charles [expertise]48934893
A-554.2Department of Chemical Engineering
Dubois, Darnly42024202
CR-1023Placement Service
Dubois, Gerline44454445
L-7913Information And Technologies Services
Dubois, Martin48404840
A-100Institutional Security Service
Du Bois, Solange43994399
A-421.7Department of Mechanical Engineering
Dubreuil, Guylaine59085908
B-510.5Office of Student Affairs
Dubuc, Manon36013601
A-330.10Institut en génie de l'énergie électrique (IGEE)
Ducas, Valérie59835983
C-314.39Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Duchesne, Éric46334633
A-482.3Centre for Characterization and Microscopy of Materials (CM2)
Duchesne, Julie34113411
A-412.3Research and Innovation Directorate
Duchesne, Maurice59625962
A-381Building Management
Dufort, Julien37253725
B-450.18Department of Mechanical Engineering
Dufort, Nancy49504950
A-100.1Institutional Security Service
Dufour, Steven [expertise]44104410
A-520.14Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Duguay Hébert, Nina31203120
J-1101UdeM - Chemistry
Duguay, Sylvie48364836
C-308Building Management
Dumais, Alexandre48364836
C-308Building Management
Dumas, Daniel24072407
C-407.26.1Department of Mechanical Engineering
Dumercy, Séverine42514251
C-240.18Office of Student Affairs
Duong, Khiet-Minh40004000
B-218.8Office of Research/Centre for Technological Development
Dupont, Jacky48404840
A-100Institutional Security Service
Dupuis Desrosiers, Catherine49834983
B-577.2Department of Engineering Physics
Dupuis, Marie-Claude49314931
A-677.2Department of Chemical Engineering
Duquette, Jacques43774377
C-130Building Management
Du Ruisseau, Manon72057205
Duvivier, Cédric34453445
J-1121.2Entrepreneurial center Poly-UdeM

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