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Last Name, First NameEmailExtensionExtension
OfficeDepartment / Service
Kadoury, Samuel [expertise]42624262
M-3418Institute of Biomedical Engineering
M-3418Department of Computer and Software engineering
Kahawita, René [expertise]45064506
B-653Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Kaou, Neïla21542154
J-5010.3Bureau des partenariats et de l'infrastructure de recherche
Karimi, Houshang [expertise]45424542
A-343.12Department of Electrical Engineering
Kashyap, Raman [expertise]47424742
B-559.8Department of Engineering Physics
M-6101Chaire de recherche du Canada sur les systèmes photoniques futurs
M-6101Department of Electrical Engineering
Kéna-Cohen, Stéphane [expertise]24212421
J-4059Department of Engineering Physics
Kerboua, Youcef27372737
C-407.1.6Department of Mechanical Engineering
Khalfoun, Mohammed [expertise]59865986
A-306.12Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Khameneifar, Farbod [expertise]49074907
B-450.7Department of Mechanical Engineering
Khomh, Foutse [expertise]42334233
M-4123Department of Computer and Software engineering
Kirika, Jean-Pierre48404840
A-100Institutional Security Service
Klim, Zdzislaw(514) 685-1624(514) 685-1624
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Koboevic, Sanda [expertise]40024002
B-265.6Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Kocar, Ilhan [expertise]40594059
A-343.10Department of Electrical Engineering
Koclas, Cyril23672367
B-277.2Department of Engineering Physics
Koclas, Jean [expertise]42634263
B-258.8Institute of Nuclear Engineering (Groupe d'analyse nucléaire - GAN)
B-258.8Department of Engineering Physics
B-258.8Nuclear Engineering (Hydro-Québec)
Koffi, Marie-Jipsy39203920
B-601Human Resources
Kopach, Mariia32663266
B-601.13Human Resources
Kukovica, Jahel59215921
B-510.7Office of Student Affairs
Kummert, Michaël [expertise]45074507
C-318.10Department of Mechanical Engineering
Kuzmenko, Alexandre39483948
C-337.5Building Management

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