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Names Starting With "v"

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Last Name, First NameEmailExtensionExtension
OfficeDepartment / Service
Vachon, Patricia43734373
C-225Copy Centre
Vadean, Aurelian [expertise]45894589
B-450.24Department of Mechanical Engineering
Vaillancourt, Jean42204220
C-337.4Building Management
Valéro, Lionel33203320
L-7903Information And Technologies Services
Valiquette-Varin, Simon42834283
C-111.9Building Management
Valle Fajer, Minea34153415
C-330.3Research and Innovation Directorate
Vardar, Baris60206020
Vargas, Francisco48364836
C-308Building Management
Veerabadren, Nicholas45614561
A-609Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Vendange, Virginie(514) 340-5845(514) 340-5845
CR-1016Research and Innovation Directorate
Venne Forcione, Luce(514) 340-3233(514) 340-3233
M-7504Presses internationales Polytechnique (on-campus publishers)
Verreault, Hubert42354235
B-327Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Verreman, Yves40444044
A-460Department of Mechanical Engineering
Vétel, Jérôme [expertise]29612961
C-305.1Department of Mechanical Engineering
Vézina, Marie-Michèle42514251
C-240.18Office of Student Affairs
Viau, Richard22892289
L-3652.2Building Management
Vidal, David51845184
A-683.3.1Department of Chemical Engineering
Villalpando, Fernando58975897
C-305.3Department of Mechanical Engineering
Villemure, Isabelle [expertise]49004900
A-111.1Institute of Biomedical Engineering
A-111.1Department of Mechanical Engineering
Villeneuve, Jérémie [expertise]45774577
B-582.2Department of Engineering Physics
Villiard, Michel29762976
Vincent, Pierre49464946
A-381Building Management
Virally, Stéphane23882388
B-559.9Department of Engineering Physics
Virgilio, Nick [expertise]45244524
A-642Department of Chemical Engineering
A-642Department of Chemical Engineering
Vo, Huu Duc [expertise]41964196
C-318.9Department of Mechanical Engineering

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