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Protection of personal information

What personal information does Polytechnique Montréal gather when I’m on the site?

Personal information is information related to private citizens, and which may enable them to be identified.

Polytechnique Montréal gathers personal information when you complete an online form or request information. Via “HTTP cookies,” and may also collect information about users’ IP address, location, web browser, etc.

How does Polytechnique Montréal protect my personal information?

Polytechnique Montréal is subject to the Loi sur l’accès aux documents des organismes publics et sur la protection des renseignements personnels - RLRQ, Chapitre A-2.1 (Act Respecting Access to Documents Held by Public Bodies and the Protection of Personal Information – Chapter A-2.1). Conform to this law, all measures required are taken to protect personal information at every stage. Please consult Polytechnique Montréal’s Politique sur la protection des renseignements personnels for additional information..


What is a “cookie”?

A cookie is a small amount of data stored on your computer or other electronic device, that saves information about web browsing habits. Each cookie includes a unique anonymous identifier sent to a users’ browser that lets the web site visited identify the user. These cookies also perform various activities, such as collecting information related to browsing preferences, and information that helps the site customize services that are offered.

Polytechnique uses different types of cookies for various purposes:

Functional: this type of cookie helps with site navigation by activating various basic web site functions, including permitting access to secure parts of the web site. The web site can’t function properly without these types of cookies.

Preferences: this type of cookie enables a web site to keep information that modifies the way that the site appears or is displayed – such as language preferences, or location.

Statistical: this type of cookie helps Polytechnique Montréal understand how visitors use the web site, by means of anonymous data collection.

Marketing: this type of cookie is used to track site visitors, in order to then display ads that might be of interest to the user. Polytechnique does not expressly use advertising, but certain modules integrated into the web site may use cookies for marketing purposes. An example of this is when a YouTube video or Twitter feed are integrated into the site.

What happens if I refuse to enable cookies?

If you deactivate the use of cookies on a browser, some critical Polytechnique site functions may no longer be available or fully functional.

How do I change my browsing parameters?

Change your browsing parameters at any time by following the specific instructions for browser used : Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox ou Safari.

intellectuAl Property

Polytechnique Montréal site content is protected by rules governing copyright, as per laws related to intellectual property, applicable Quebec, Canadian, and internationally. The entirely of the information and documents accessible on the site polymtl.ca (and all sub-domains such as the English or French language versions, for example registrariat.polymtl.ca or polyfab.polymtl.ca, etc.), as well as the Polytechnique Montréal logo are the property of Polytechnique Montréal.

The user shall not reproduce for broadcast, in any way shape or form, any text, video, image, or content expressed or available on the web site. Authorization for reproduction may be requested in writing by communicating with Polytechnique Montréal at: [communications@polymtl.ca].

The user is also prohibited from selling or modifying, for public or commercial ends, any text, video, image, content expressed or available on the web site.

Limitations of liability

Users of this site release Polytechnique Montréal, its administrators, directors, employees or any other individual related to the creation of this site, from any and all liabilities, damages, or losses which may arise from the content, use, or inability to use the site, any outage, error, omission, interruption, defect, any delay in operation or transmission, computer virus, any line failure or system failure, loss of data or other, including but not limited to direct or indirect monetary damages, losses, be they exemplary or punitive.

general Information

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Polytechnique Montréal’s web site may contain links to external web sites. By accessing other sites, the user might leave Polytechnique Montréal’s site, and therefore in terms of the protection of your personal information, we are in no way responsible for the content or practices of those third-party sites.

Polytechnique Montréal authorizes the use of hyperlinks to its own web site, so long as the content and nature of the referring site does so without prejudice towards Polytechnique Montréal.


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