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Names Starting With "j"

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Last Name, First NameEmailExtensionExtension
OfficeDepartment / Service
Jafari, Rouzbeh(514) 686-9927(514) 686-9927
A-466Department of Chemical Engineering
Jaffer, Shaffiq
Department of Chemical Engineering
Jagou, Stéphanie21502150
J-4007EDDEC institute
Jahanbakhsh Zadeh, Abtin40494049
A-351.6Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Jalali dil, Ebrahim [expertise]48484848
A-669.01Department of Chemical Engineering
Jalbert, Jonathan [expertise]23492349
A-520.7Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Jarry, Karine(514) 340-8526(514) 340-8526
Jasmin, Francis59625962
A-381Building Management
Jean, Annick32523252
B-601.12Human Resources
Jean, Effriande59055905
A-201Office of the Registrar
Jean-Louis, Marie Nadège37863786
B-601.6Human Resources
Jean, Lucie23412341
B-215Office of Research/Centre for Technological Development
Jean, Militza50485048
M-3222Department of Computer and Software engineering
Jean-pierre, Samuel48364836
C-308Building Management
Jendi, Zeina25892589
J-3085Department of Engineering Physics
Jesné, Bertrand45934593
A-421.8Department of Mechanical Engineering
Jetzer, Émile47334733
B-536.1Department of Engineering Physics
Jimenez, Marielos42144214
A-201.6Office of the Registrar
Jin, Liling47674767
AA-6489Department of Chemical Engineering
Ji, Shaocheng [expertise]51345134
B-610Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Joanis, Marcelin [expertise]33563356
A-305.29Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Jodoin, Caroline24062406
C-240.15Office of Student Affairs
Jolicoeur, Mario [expertise]45254525
J-3069Institute of Biomedical Engineering
J-3069Department of Chemical Engineering
Jomphe, Guy [expertise]51555155
A-520.36Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Jouan, Vanessa37893789
B-528.2Entrepreneurship support office
Joubert, Claudine48404840
A-100Institutional Security Service
Juin, Jennifer32573257
B-602.1Financial Services
Julien, Ketty39493949
B-510Placement Service
Juteau, François48364836
C-308Building Management

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