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Names Starting With "f"

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Last Name, First NameEmailExtensionExtension
OfficeDepartment / Service
Fabien-Ouellet, Gabriel [expertise]48004800
B-650Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Faci, Nadir71317131
M-5108Department of Electrical Engineering
Fagnen, Shirley36533653
C-560Bureau du Développement durable
Fallaha, Sophie49874987
T-310.MDepartment of Chemical Engineering
Farag, Sherif46354635
A-472Department of Chemical Engineering
Farand, Patrice [expertise]39343934
A-578.2Department of Chemical Engineering
A-578.2Department of Chemical Engineering
Farigliano, Carlos48364836
C-308Building Management
Faubert, Chantal22272227
M-4412Department of Computer and Software engineering
Faure, Marie-Pierre
A-630.5Institut TransMedTech
Fauteux, Jean-Maxime70897089
L-7926Information And Technologies Services
Fauvel, Clara20332033
Favis, Basil [expertise]45274527
A-677.3Department of Chemical Engineering
Favreau, Danielle43804380
A-203.1Office of the Registrar
Fecteau, David48904890
A-429.2Department of Electrical Engineering
Fecteau, Jean-François48364836
C-308Building Management
Ferland, Amélie42544254
C-240.9Office of Student Affairs
Ferland-Gagnon, Marie59075907
B-510.1Office of Student Affairs
Ferland, Jean-François27292729
B-218.17Communications and public relations
Ferland, Virginie45374537
B-218.15Communications and public relations
Fernandez, José [expertise]54335433
M-3109Department of Computer and Software engineering
Fernandez, Nathalie43324332
A-201.4Office of the Registrar
Ferragne, Danielle41284128
A-203.1Office of the Registrar
Ferreira Benevides, Alexandre55105510
LESIAQDepartment of Mechanical Engineering
Fex, Dany60436043
Filali, Fadila22092209
J-5010.7Bureau des partenariats et de l'infrastructure de recherche
Filiatrault, François41644164
B-602.5Financial Services
Filiatrault, Kevin(514) 343-6731(514) 343-6731
UdeM - Chemistry
Fleury, Lorraine34003400
C-337.10Building Management
Fleury, Marie-Noëlle37143714
C-131Building Management
Flores, Catherine33323332
B-528.3Communications and public relations
Foias, Alexandru75467546
L-5626Department of Electrical Engineering
Fokaefs, Marios-Eleftherios [expertise]47234723
M-4119Department of Computer and Software engineering
Follereau, Laurence36413641
M-5406Department of Electrical Engineering
Fonrose, Markenzie48364836
C-308Building Management
Fontaine, Yves21962196
B-353.3.1Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Fontrier, Mathieu23632363
B-602.15Financial Services
Forest, Benoit42874287
A-520.5Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Forest, Lina32283228
B-530.4.2Teaching Support Centre
Forgues, Sylvie37573757
A-630.5.3Institut TransMedTech
Fortin, Myriam42854285
B-648Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Fotsing, Édith Roland31403140
A-378.5Department of Mechanical Engineering
Foudoulian, Vana24452445
CR-1048-2Fondation et Alumni de Polytechnique Montréal
Fourcaudot, Amélie24822482
B-601.15Human Resources
Fournier, Mona-Lee47524752
L-7926Information And Technologies Services
Fradette, Louis [expertise](514) 340-3262(514) 340-3262
A-570.1Department of Chemical Engineering
Francoeur, André37143714
C-131Building Management
Francoeur, Sébastien [expertise]31453145
B-559.6Department of Engineering Physics
Francoeur, Simon(514) 340-2835(514) 340-2835
M-7503Presses internationales Polytechnique (on-campus publishers)
Fraser, Carole43024302
B-450.13Department of Mechanical Engineering
Frayret, Jean-Marc [expertise]49304930
A-305.30Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Frédéric, Samuel49184918
C-407.8Department of Mechanical Engineering
Frigon, Jean-François [expertise]36423642
M-6117Department of Electrical Engineering
Fuamba, Musandji [expertise]48134813
B-431.4.2Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering

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