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Names Starting With "z"

First dial (514) 340-4711 to join an extension

Last Name, First NameEmailExtensionExtension
OfficeDepartment / Service
Zabeida, Oleg45714571
C-567Department of Engineering Physics
Zaccour, Georges60506050
Zagury, Gérald [expertise]49804980
A-355Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Zamyadi, Arash [expertise]21862186
C-616.9Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Zekri, Monia41874187
B-218.23Office of Research/Centre for Technological Development
Zemenzer, Saliha47684768
B-576Department of Engineering Physics
Zhou, Jia31273127
C-521.4Instititutional Data
Zhu, Guchuan [expertise]58685868
A-429.14Department of Electrical Engineering
Zhu, Julian(514) 340-5172(514) 340-5172
J-2029UdeM - Chemistry
Zoellner, Daniel48364836
C-308Building Management
Zouaq, Amal [expertise]22282228
M-3416Department of Computer and Software engineering

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