The Department of Chemical Engineering distinguishes itself with the achievements of its professors, students and research staff. The department’s spirit of innovation, leadership and excellence are reflected in the various projects and contributions illustrated here.



Members of our department contribute to the advancement of engineering and science knowledge through their scientific publishing.

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Awards and peer recognition
Scientific Prizes



  • Professor Jamal Chaouki received the R.S. Jane Memorial Award from the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering, a first for Polytechnique Montréal. This award is the most important distinction awarded by the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering and is awarded annually to a person resident in Canada in recognition of outstanding achievement in the field of chemical engineering or industrial chemistry.
  • Professor Jamal Chaouki, as well as engineers Jocelyn Doucet and Jean-Philippe Laviolette, both graduates in Chemical Engineering from Polytechnique Montréal, received the 2018 Genie Innovation Award for a technology marketed by Pyrowave, of which they are co-founders.
  • Professor Patrice Chartrand received the “The Metal Chemistry Award” presented by the Met-Soc (Metallurgy and Materials Society) of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum.


Complete Directory of Polytechnique Prizes and Distinctions

Teaching Awards

Excellence in Teaching Award

Patrice Farand, the department’s master of education, received the Polytechnique Montréal 2018 Excellence in Teaching Award, in recognition of the quality of his teaching, his dedication to his students and his competence.

Other recipients of this award from the Department:

Meritas Gala 2018-2019

  • Professor Bruno Blais won the Meritas awards for Best Professor at the undergraduate and at the graduate levels in chemical engineering.
  • Professor Michel Perrier and Master of Education Patrice Farand respectively won the awards for Best Lecturer and Best Practical Course Lecturer in chemical engineering.
  • Professor Gregory De Crescenzo won the Meritas awards for Best Professor at the undergraduate and at the graduate levels in biomedical engineering.
Students’ achievements

Whether it be with their studies, comprehensive projects, internships or extracurricular activities, chemical engineering students stand out.

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Chemical Engineering in action and images

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Research in the chemical engineering department
Our students’ Thesis in 180 secondes


Les matériaux composites de demain : de la nanocellulose dans nos plastiques (2019) — Charles Bruel, winner of the Polytechnique Montreal Competition’s “Best Presentation in French” prize.
Jell-O in green chemistry : a golden opportunity? (2018)  Olivier Gazil, winner of the Polytechnique Montreal Competition’s "Best Presentation in English" prize and the « Public’s Choice » prize.
Quantifier les interactions au sein de biofilms multi-espèces et leur réponse à différents stress (2018) — Clémence Abriat, awarded the 2nd place for a presentation in French at the Polytechnique Montreal Competition, and winner of the "Public’s Choice” prize
Recyclage des déchets électroniques pour valoriser les métaux précieux et produire des produits à valeur ajoutée (2017) — Mohamed Khalil, winner of the Polytechnique Montreal Competition’s “Best Presentation in French” prize, as well as the 2nd place for a presentation in English.
Our Discovery Seminars

L’électrification du système énergétique — a seminar by Philippe Tanguy, Polytechnique Montreal’s Chief Executive Director.


Our students entrepreneurs
Concours Forces AVENIR 2017 — Mohamed Khalil, doctoral student in chemical engineering, founder of Pyrocyle.
Entreprendre pendant ses études — Mounia Arkoun et Nury Ardila, co-founders of Evio Inc.



Chemical Engineering Photography

Chemical engineering students showcase their research in photography competitions.

Chimie verte en or

Photo by Olivier Gazil, Ph.D. student in Chemical Engineering, 2019 finalist in the La preuve par l'image competition.

“This network of cells belongs to a simple polyurethane kitchen sponge … which is entirely plated with gold! Specifically, nanoparticles of pure gold. This metal, yet unalterable, becomes very reactive at the nanoscale. It can then serve as a catalyst in ‘green’ chemistry processes. This is a nice trick, because the porosity of the sponge allows the molecules to react with the multitude of contact surfaces of the cells. In short, a golden idea!"

Shining pearls in a blue moonlight

Photo by Faezah Sabri, Ph.D. student in Chemical Engineering, 2019 finalist at the Science Exposed competition.

"This image shows large droplets of oil dispersed in water and, within the oil droplets, tiny droplets of water. A system of stabilized oil droplets in water is called an emulsion; in this case, it is a double emulsion. … Such double emulsions, in which you have a droplet within a droplet, can be used in food and pharmaceutical products. They protect sensitive compounds and induce their triggered release. …. This image is one of a series taken to confirm the formation of multiple droplets as well as to better understand the mechanism involving in the formation."

Une fleur empoisonnée

Photo taken by Clémence Abriat, PhD student in Chemical Engineering, 2019 finalist of Polytechnique Montreal’s competition  Le génie en image de Polytechnique Montréal.

“Within this flower are billions of bacteria responsible for cholera (Vibrio cholerae). Just like humans, bacteria live mainly in communities protected through a barrier from the environment. These structures called biofilms increase the resistance of pathogens, such as V. cholerae, to antibiotics during infections. Characterizing the components of the biofilm protective barrier is therefore essential in order to target the biofilm’s weaknesses when developing new antimicrobial strategies.”