Word from the Director

Welcome to the Polytechnique Montréal Department of Chemical Engineering's website. We are very pleased to introduce you to the chemical engineer profession and to present the training that we offer. Whether it be at the undergraduate or graduate level, a diploma in chemical engineering gives you the opportunity to work in a wide variety of fields, such as the environment, agri-food, energy, biotechnology, materials and ores chemical processing. You will be taught by excellent professors recognized locally and internationally, both in research and teaching, who have your success at heart. You will become part of a vibrant and dynamic student community which will provide you with a wealth of opportunities to learn, develop your skills and knowledge, and challenge yourself to excel.

Chemical engineers design, develop and improve equipment and processes in order to transform raw material into useful goods. Chemical engineering, also known as process engineering, is not only an integral part of our society, but also one of the key tools to address the major challenges facing our planet. Whether analyzing the ecological impacts of various products or services, discovering new ways to use and recycle materials, optimizing processes to make them more energy efficient or cleaner, or creating new forms of energy, chemical engineers integrate the principles of sustainable development and help find solutions to reduce environmental impacts.

We hope we will get the chance to welcome you here. You can be certain that we will do everything we can to provide you with relevant and dynamic training that will give you the tools you need to succeed in the workplace.

Abdellah Ajji Ing., M.Sc.A., Ph.D.

Chemical Engineering Department Director