Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal was originally founded in 1873 by Urgel-Eugène Archambault and is now the first francophone faculty of engineering in North America and one of the most important institutions, both in terms of it size and because of the diversity of its programmes.

Up to 1958, École Polytechnique de Montréal offered a five-year programme in ‘Industrial Chemical Engineering’. The relocalization of École Polytechnique’s main building on the campus of University of Montreal was soon accompanied by the creation of 8 distinct programmes, including Chemical Engineering,which was directed by Prof. Roger Brais. Until the late 60s (i.e. prior to the creation of the CEGEPS), our department used to be responsible for all of Polytechnique’s courses in the fields of chemistry. At that time, Profs. Gendron, Corneille, Jaillet, Dubeau, Lefebvre, Jutras, Cassimatis and Sisi were responsible for all lectures as well as for organic and inorganic chemistry labs, spreading throughout the 6th floor of the main building.

In the 70s, a strong and intense commitment to research began to take form, much of it initiated by Prof. Roger Brais and talented young professors such as Carreau, Chavarie, Rollin, Rouleau, Klvana, Coupal and Mayerbloomed. At that time, the department's research areas were focussed mainly on Polymers and Processes.

From 1985 to 1995, a second wave of talented professors originating from both academia and industry strenghtened the department's research efforts, pushing us to the forefront of the Canadian and international scene. The undergraduate programme was of course strongly influenced by the newcomers: the field of polymer was strengthened, biotechnology emerged and the process sector was developed. Polytechnique’s high standards in research was also acknowledged by the creation of industrial chairs.

As other new professors joined the departmental team in the new millenia, our department consolidated its research strengths thanks to the creation of new research chairs and research groups. As the department now celebrates more than 60 years of existence in its current form, it is well positioned to continue growing in strength, by combining excellence in education and research.