Engineering Physics

Centers, Chairs, Groups and Laboratories

Centre d’optique, photonique et laser (COPL)Strategic Clusters
Tier-1 Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Organic Electronics: Materials, Processes and DevicesCanada Research Chairs
Tier-1 Canada Research Chair in Ubiquitous Terahertz PhotonicsCanada Research Chairs
Tier-2 Canada Research Chair in Ultrafast and Quantum PhotonicsCanada Research Chairs
Tier-2 Canada Research Chair in Nanoscale and Quantum SemiconductorsCanada Research Chairs
Canada Research Chair in Light-Matter PhotonicsCanada Research Chairs
NSERC Multisectorial Industrial Research Chair in Coatings and Surface EngineeringNSERC Industrial Research Chairs
TransMedTech Research Chair in Plasma MedicineIndustrial Research Chairs
MEI Chair in Quantum PhotonicsChair
UNESCO Chair in Green and Sustainable ElectronicsInternational Research Chair
Thin Film Physics and Technology Research Group (GCM)Group
Laboratory of Optical Diagnoses and Imagery (LODI)Laboratory
Fiber Optics LaboratoryLaboratory
Magnetics LaboratoryLaboratory
Microfabrication LaboratoryLaboratory
Microphotonics LaboratoryLaboratory
Nanostructures LaboratoryLaboratory
Laser Processing and Plasmonic Laboratory (LP2L)Laboratory
Spectroscopy of materials and nanostructures LaboratoryLaboratory
Thermalhydraulics LaboratoryLaboratory
Functional Coating and Surface Engineering Laboratory (LaRFIS)Laboratory
Material Surface Analysis (LASM)Laboratory
SLOWPOKE LaboratoryLaboratory
Regroupement québécois sur les matériaux de pointe (RQMP)Strategic Clusters