Engineering Physics

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Founded in 1984, the Groupe de recherche en physique et technologie des couches minces (Thin-Film Physics and Technology Research Group – GCM) is an interuniversity research centre dedicated to the study of thin-film, surface, and interface physics and technology. The group comprises some 30 members and supports the research of over 200 master’s and PhD students, as well as a large number of interns at all levels of study.

The GCM has developed a unique infrastructure for the study, modification and manufacturing of thin-film materials as well as for the analysis of surfaces and interfaces. Most of the equipment is housed in a shared central facility accessible to the entire scientific and industrial community. The group provides microfabrication (Microfabrication Laboratory) and surface analysis (Material Surface Analysis Laboratory) services to small and medium-sized enterprises and large companies in Québec and across Canada to support the development of existing and future technologies benefiting the Canadian economy as a whole.