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Research areas description

Our research expertise lies at the intersection of quantum photonics, quantum computing and quantum information. Our group develops the theory and computational tools to design and optimize integrated photonic structures and devices in novel nonlinear materials for the generation of bright nonclassical light, with applications in quantum information processing, quantum communication and quantum sensing. These devices will allow us to construct quantum computers that can tackle classically intractable problems in chemistry and material science, impregnable information networks for secure communication and the most precise and gentle light probes to study materials and biological processes.


Research interests

Expertise type(s) (NSERC subjects)
  • 3100 PHYSICS
  • 3110 Optics (see also photon devices 2505)
  • 3112 Photonics
  • 3153 Classical and quantum physics
  • 2505 Photonic devices and networks
  • 2705 Software and development
  • 2703 Complexity
  • 2956 Optimization and optimal control theory
  • 2958 Mathematical physics
  • 3007 Stochastic processes
  • 3008 Applied probability

Research staff

Professors / researchers (3)
  • Nicolás Quesada | Director
  • Houde, Martin | Postdoctoral fellow
  • Zhao, Jiaqi | Master's student
Number of graduate students: 1
Number of postdoctoral fellows :1

External sources of funding

  • MEI