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Material Surface Analysis (LASM)

Phone: (514) 340-4711 Ext. 7459 Fax: (514) 340-5195

Research areas description

Open-access shared facility for the analysis of the surface of materials.

Research staff

Professors / researchers (5)
Number of research agents: 2

Specialized equipment

  • XPS, XPD, UPS, AES and LEED measurement

  • Preparation chamber and deposition chamber UHV transfer modele

Time-of-flight SIMS (ION-TOF)

  • Molecular and atomic imaging capabilities

  • Surface penetration and lateral resolution are 1-5 nm and 100 nm respectively

  • Mass accuracy of 0.001 amu

  FTIR 6000 Stingray (BioRad)
  • Step-scan photoacoustic and array detection capabilities for chemical mapping
  FTIR 3000 Excalibur (BioRad)
  • Photoacoustic capabilities
  Multi-mode AFM (Digital Instruments)   AFM/STM (Discoverer Topometrix)
  • Contact angle goniometer Ramé-Hart NRL-100
  • Surface thermodynamics determination

External sources of funding

 NSERC; FQRNT and user fees.