Engineering Physics



The Undergraduate program in Engineering Physics emphasizes the acquisition of knowledge directly related to physics and includes courses, practical work and lab sessions that cover all aspects of physics, including thermodynamics, optics, modern physics and quantum mechanics. An Engineering Physics student will also learn more advanced topics such as biophysics and solid-state physics.  The Engineering Physics program also includes a 4-month mandatory internship.

Undergraduate students can choose from:

One personalized orientation, allowing the sudent to chosose among a large set of courses, according to personal interests. Six areas of specializations are offered: Power Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Advanced Materials, Optics & Photonics, Biomedical Technologies, Mathematical modeling.

One of the five thematic orientations : Sustainable Development, Technical Innovation, Engineering Mathematics, Management Tools, International Projects

For further information on the courses or on the concentrations, please consult the programme de génie physique (In French Only) website. If you need an English translation, please contact us.