International Students

9. Welcome to Montreal

Last update: 12/02/2022

To help you prepare for your arrival, we invite you to watch the recording of our webinar entitled "Entry to Canada for International Students" , presented as part of the Winter 2023 Go-Poly program.


Requirements upon entry to Canada:

Start of classes and deadline to arrive in Canada: 


We invite you to register to Welcome Plus (Accueil Plus), a free service that aims at simplifying the arrival of international students in Canada during the back-to-school period.  This service will be available between December 25, 2022 and January 9, 2023 at Montreal-Trudeau Airport.

The final decision on whether or not you will be admitted to Canada as a student rests with the border services officer you will meet, even if your application has previously been approved by a visa office.  The officer must understand that you are a bona fide student.  You can demonstrate this by presenting the following documents:

We recommend that you have the printed version of these documents on hand to facilitate the processing of your application. 

Documents to be provided to the Registrar's Office upon arrival

Do not forget to send a copy of your immigration documents to the Registrar's Office upon your arrival in Canada.  Consult the New Student Journey according to your program for more information.

Students who are eligible to an exemption from the mandatory insurances for international students (ASHEE) must also send proof of their exemption to the Registrar's Office.