International Students

5. Registration

Prior to arrival, you need to be fully informed about your chosen program, particularly concerning registration and course selection procedures. Note that the Registrar's Office communicates with newly admitted students a few weeks before classes begin, in order to give them some essential information for course choice, registration, and important dates.  This page aims at giving you a quick overview of these topics.

Course selection

From the start, Graduate students must select the list of courses that they plan on taking in their program and record it in their study plan.  We advise you to first make a pre-selection of the courses that interest you and then discuss it with your supervisor, who will have to approve of your choice.  It is possible to modify your study plan during your program, but any change must be first validated by your supervisor.   If you are unable to meet with your professor upon arrival, you can contact the graduate studies officer. The name of the person in charge is listed in the departmental directory.

At the beginning of each term, you will have to confirm your registration and enter your course choice in your online student file.

French-language courses

Knowing French will be a serious asset for you during your studies: not only will it ease your academic adaptation; it will also allow you to integrate yourself better socially both inside and outside Polytechnique Montréal. 

Polytechnique Montréal offers a course named "Pratique du français écrit" for students who already have an advanced intermediate level in French and who wish to improve their writing ability.  

Conveniently located near Polytechnique, the Continuing Education Faculty's Language school at Université de Montréal also offers French courses each term, for every level.

Placement tests and registration for these courses usually take place before classes begin at Polytechnique. It is therefore important to look at the dates of the placement tests for inter-university students on their website.  Depending on when you are set to arrive to Montréal, you might not make it on time to register to a language course during your first trimester.

Course changes

You have up to two weeks after classes begin to modify your course selection for the current term.  In the case of a course taken during the Summer intensive term, the delay is one week.  Classes that are dropped during this period do not feature in your transcript.  You need to inform your supervisor and fill in the form entitled "Modification de plan d’études" and submit it to the Registrar's.

Course withdrawals

This period usually ends some six weeks after the beginning of the term, or three weeks, in the case of courses followed during the short Summer term.  Graduate students wishing to withdraw from a course must inform the Registrar's in writing within the deadlines specified in the academic calendar.  You need to inform your supervisor and fill in the form entitled "Modification de plan d’études" and submit it to the Registrar's. Courses withdrawn within the deadline will appear on the student’s record as an “R.”