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Calendar of International Student Activities


GO-Poly is a program created especially for new students at Polytechnique Montréal​​​

This website is full of essential information to start your studies at Polytechnique Montréal. 

Numerous webinars on important topics are scheduled in summer and in fall. See the list of upcoming webinars and add them to your schedule today!

Polytechnique Montréal's various advisors are gathered on the forum to answer all your questions. Opt for this method of communication rather than sending emails to benefit from the support of the entire Polytechnique community!

To make sure you don't miss any important steps before and during your first semester, follow the new student journey, developed according to your program of study. It is an essential reminder!

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Information sessions on permanent residence

Note that the International Students Advisors do not offer individual consultations about permanent residence. 

Information about permanent residence in Quebec

Each term, the Ministère de l'Immigration, de la Francisation et de l'Inclusion (MIFI) and Montréal International offer information sessions on campus regarding the permanent residence process in Québec.

During Covid-19, the MIFI organizes some virtual information sessions about permanent residence in Quebec. Those sessions are only given in French.  See our calendar for the next session.

Information about permanent residence outside Quebec

A representative from IRCC also comes to give a lecture on the permanent residence process to other parts of Canada.  Note that you can also attend sessions given at HEC Montréal.

During Covid-19, IRCC offers online sessions about permanent residence outside Quebec. Those sessions are given in both French and English.  See our calendar for the next session.


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