International Students

6. Book your Ticket

When to arrive in Montréal?

We recommend that our international students arrive within two to four weeks of starting their program.  This should provide you time to ease into the adaptation process, to find a place to live and to complete the necessary administrative procedures. You should also never underestimate culture shock: even for very good students, adapting to a new educational environment in a new country takes time. 

Avoid arriving more than four weeks before school starts however, since some Canadian Border Services Agents might question your motives for arriving this early.  Note that international students are not allowed to work or to conduct research activities in Polytechnique Montréal's facilities before the start of their program.  

It is important to consult the academic calendar before you book your plane ticket. Not only you must arrive in time for the orientation activities scheduled before classes begin, you also have to ensure that your stay covers the entire exam period.

Late arrivals

There are plenty of administrative procedures to complete upon arrival and arriving late could lead to academic problems. Students cannot arrive after the deadline for registration and course modification, which takes places some two weeks after the start of classes.   Registration to the ongoing term will not be maintained if the student is unable to arrive in Canada by the deadline indicated in the grid below. 

If you are likely to arrive late, please take good note of the information available on this page, as you might have to defer the start of your program and your arrival to Canada to the next term.  

University calendar - main dates

Below you will find a summary of the most important dates for planning your stay.

  Summer 2023 Fall 2023 Winter 2024
Back-to-school week - Week of August 20 Starting January 4
Start of classes May 8 August 28 January 8
Deadline to arrive in Canada to keep your registration May 19 September 12 January 21
Reading week (no class) Long Summer term: June 24 to 1st July October 9 to 13 March 4 to 8
Exam period Short (intensive) Summer term : June 21 to 24
Long Summer term: August 16 to 24
December 8 to 22 April 19 to May 3