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Preparing for your stay

To help you prepare for your trip and get set for your new environment, we encourage you to follow step by step the information in these pages. These steps are meant for students who have already been admitted at Polytechnique.  If you want to learn more on how to make an application, visit the website dedicated to future students.

prepare for your stay in ten steps :

Complete your immigration procedures

As soon as you receive your admission letter, start with your immigration procedures: Passport, CAQ for studies, Study permit, Temporary resident visa and Transit visa, if necessary. Processing times : 1 to 6 months, depending on your situation.

Plan for your study budget

Plan carefully the cost of study and of living throughout your program.  

Get informed on health insurance

Health insurance for international students is mandatory and comes with a fee. If you are admissible to an exemption, steps must be taken before your departure.

Register to the welcome activities during back-to-school week

Register to the mandatory activities for International students.   Make sure to register by the deadline!


Get some basic information regarding course choice and registration.

Book your plane ticket

Make sure that you will arrive on time for welcome activities before the start of classes and that you will stay until the end of the exam period.  Find here important dates in the university calendar and tips for buying your plane tickets.

Book your temporary accomodation

Where can you stay during the first few days in Montréal?  How can you find housing?  Find out more in this section.

Packing your bags

Your departure date is fast approaching and you are wondering what to bring? Find out here what to bring and what to leave out.

Arrival to Canada : immigration procedures

As soon as you arrive on Canadian territory, you will pass through customs and you will validate your student status with Canadian Border Service Agents.  

Learn more on your future environnement 

A new school, a new country and a new culture await you!  Living abroad is an exciting and rich experience that requires some preparation.  Be curious and get acquainted with Montréal and Québec before you leave !  


Students in a full degree program :

Exchange students (including double diploma) :