International Students

3. Health Care & Insurance

Quebec immigration laws require non-Canadians to have health and hospitalization insurance valid for the duration of their stay in Canada. In addition, these same laws stipulate that it is mandatory to be covered by the insurance issued by the university where the international student is registered. In the case of Polytechnique Montréal, the insurer is Desjardins Financial Security (DFS). No other insurance can be accepted, except for the exemptions listed below.

It is important to know the dates when your coverage can start. If you plan to arrive earlier in Canada, we strongly recommend that you purchase private health insurance to cover the period between your arrival and the start of your insurance through Polytechnique. In the event that you chose not to have private health insurance, you will be liable for all fees related to your health care - which can in the case of hospitalization, can amount to thousands of dollars.

You will find all the information about the compulsory group insurance plan for foreign students, about insurance for families as well as information about the complementary dental, vision and health insurance plan in this section of our website.


    If you are part of one of the categories mentionned below, you could be exempted from Polytechnique's international students insurance plan. In some cases, you will need to obtain documents from your home country before leaving.  

    A.Students eligible for RAMQ

    1. By virtue of a social security agreement between Québec and certain countries (Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Luxemburg, Norway, Portugal, Serbia, Sweden and Romania)
    2. By virtue of the position you or one of your parents holds within an international organization, which is recognized by the Québec governement
    3. By virtue of the fact that you were selected by Québec and that your Permanent Residence application is being processed by IRCC
    4. By virtue of your status as a dependent of your spouse or parent who holds a eligible work permit 
    5. By virtue of your status as a student or trainee under an official scholarship program from the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur du Québec

    Refer to the RAMQ website for complete details on eligibility conditions

    B. Students who are beneficiairies of provincial or federal coverage

    1. Students who are beneficiairies of public health coverage from another province
    2. Students who are asylum seekers
    3. Students who are recognized as refugees

    C. Students who hold a scholarship that includes medical coverage

    Scholarships from some international organizations include medical insurance. If you are the holder of such a scholarship, you will need to provide proof of coverage to the Polytechnique's Registrar's Office by the appropriate due date in order to be exempt from Polytechnique's insurance for international students.  

    D. Students who are holders of a Diplomatic card

    E. Students currently writing their thesis or dissertation from abroad. You must provide proof to the Registrar's Office that you are not in Canada (e.g. plane tickets).

    F. Students in Canada with their family. Please read the family medical coverage page for more information.


    As a result of intergovernmental agreements, students who are coming from Denmark, Finland, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Norway, Portugal, Greece, Romania, Serbia and Sweden and who have health insurance coverage under these countries' social security may be eligible for coverage under the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (Québec health insurance board — RAMQ) plan at no cost.  This also applies to their dependents (spouse and/or children) living with them in Québec.

    The RAMQ does not cover prescription medication, except in the case of students from France and Belgium.  For more information regarding services covered under the public health system in Québec, refer to the RAMQ website.  

    To benefit from RAMQ coverage, eligible students must obtain a document proving their enrollment to the social security coverage before leaving these countries. Students covered under the social security system who sojourn in but who are not citizens of these countries must refer to the authorities concerned to see whether they can receive a form.  Students who are accompanied by a spouse and/or dependent chidren must have their name(s) listed on the form. 

    Once in Québec, students will need to register online to the RAMQ, along with their spouse and/or dependent children.  To know more on documents to obtain before coming to Canada on the registration process.


    You must present a proof indicating that you can be exempted from Polytechnique's international students insurance plan to the Polytechnique's Registrar's Office at the address prior to the deadline, listed in the section below. If you do not provide a proof of exemption by these dates, you will be billed for Polytechnique's insurance for international students.  If you obtain the proof of coverage after the deadline and that the date of the beginning of coverage is retroactive, your insurance fees will either be cancelled or reduced. 

    1. Fall: October 15
    2. Winter: February 15
    3. Summer (short and long): June 1