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Renewing your Immigration Permit

Important: This web site does not have any legal value. Its only purpose is to provide an abstract of currently applied procedures based on our best knowledge at the relevant documents publication dates. Some changes could occur at any moment without any notice.  Quebec and Canada laws and rules as well as the MIDI and IRCC websites take precedence over this website.

Last page update: 2016/10/07

General Tips:  


We would like to remind you that your authorizations for your stay (CAQ and Study Permit) must always remain valid from the first to the last day of each trimester for which you are registered and present on the Quebec territory in order to:               

  • Maintain your documents in order (CAQ and study permit) according to rules set by the Ministère de l'Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (Québec Education Ministry). If you do not renew your documents in time, you will lose your registration at Polytechnique, even if you had already begun your session.
  • Maintain a legal status in Canada. If you do not renew them, you will be forced to leave the country, or ask for a restoration of status that can take several months to process.  Note that you are not allowed to study or work during the restoration process.  

If you wish to extend your Studies permit, please note that you need to have a CAQ and a valid passport for the extension period. It is first of all necessary to renew your passport and your CAQ should these documents soon expire.

The authorizations of your stay (CAQ and Studies permit) are valid for a given period.In addition, the CAQ is only valid for a determined study cycle.If your study cycle changes, you will need to reapply for a new CAQ.

When should you start the application procedure?

It is recommended to start your application procedure around 6 months before the documents are due to expire.

For instance, a student whose CAQ and/or studies permit expires in August, must take the appropriate steps in order to make sure all his new documents cover the whole session from first session day in Fall, late August, until the last day (end of December). Thus, it is suggested to gather all the required documents in February and afterwards start the renewal procedure in March.

A student whose documents expire in the course of a session has to make sure, before the beginning of this session, to renew them to make sure that they remain valid for the whole period. Otherwise, the Registrar’s Office could cancel courses registration for that session.

If you are leaving the country, it is important to follow the procedures as soon as possible to make sure you possess all your new documents before you leave. In the opposite case, you might not be able to come back in Canada on time to start your courses.

Warning ! Do not forget to go to the Registrar’s Office to hand in your immigration document renewals to keep your file up to date. Until you receive your renewed documents, bring the proofs of renewal to the Registrar’s Office (receipt of payment and screen shot confirming that your online application has been sent/ receipt of registered mail for on-paper application)

Initial Requests for Documents Outside Canada

Initial Requests for Documents Outside Canada

As soon as you receive your letter of admission, you should start immigration proceedings to obtain the authorizations required for all international students. These procedures can be lengthy and vary according to your personal situation.