Materials and Equipment



New students will be able to have their Polytechnique Montréal ID card produced by appointment.

For more information on dates or to make an appointment, visit the Service de la sûreté institutionnelle website.

Please bring photo identification with you to your appointment. Accepted documents are health insurance card, driver's license and passport.



Locker applications must be completed online and are accessible via the Guichet virtuel étudiant.

The Internet Explorer browser is not supported by the Guichet virtuel étudiant.
  • Lockers must be shared by two students. You can request a locker by adding your  required information on another student’s locker application.
  • If you do not have a locker buddy, the SDI (Service des immeubles) administrator will match you with someone who has applied.

You are assigned a locker until the end of the winter semester and no changes are allowed during the year. You may not choose your locker’s location. The lock is the property of Polytechnique Montréal and must always remain in the locker.

Following your request, the Service des Immeubles will send you your locker number and the combination for your lock via email.


The OPUS card allows you to use public transportation in the city - the Société de transport de Montréal (STM). If you are a full-time student (or considered a full-time student), you can pay reduced fares by purchasing a student OPUS card (photo required).



If you meet eligibility criteria, you can apply online from your Student File: dossieretudiant.polymtl.ca.

Once you have confirmed your registration at Polytechnique (full-time), the option "Order an OPUS Card" will automatically appear in the main menu of your Student File.

Attention: To order the OPUS card online, you must already have your Polytechnique Montréal Student ID card, because the photo from your Polytechnique ID card will be used by the STM for your OPUS card. Please allow 24 hours for the transfer of your photo to your Student File. To see the Student ID card issuance schedule, please consult the Institutional Security Service website

Please note that you must have a valid address in Quebec, as that mailing address will be used by the STM to send you your OPUS card by postal mail. To update your mailing address, please log in to your Student File, go to the "Renseignements personnels" page and change your address under the tab "Coordonnées".


The STM photo studio, located at 1755 Berri Street, Montreal, will be processing student requests by appointment only. You must make an appointment before going to the photo studio. Make your appointment here.

Bring the following with you to the photo studio:

  • If you are a full-time student: Your school attendance certificate, accessible through your online student record. You don't have to print it. You will need to show it on your cell phone.
  • If you are deemed a full-time student: Your original Reduced-fare student OPUS card application form, duly completed. Paper only, no photocopies accepted. Form is valid for 30 days after being signed by the institution. After this time, it is considered expired and can no longer be used. (Note: students who will turn 16 by October 31 of the current year must include the seal of their educational institution on their form.)
  • Your appointment confirmation. You must make an appointment before going to the photo studio. Make your appointment here.
  • Proof of age: health insurance card, driver’s licence, passport, asylum seeker document or permanent resident card. Student cards are not eligible forms of ID.
  • Payment ($15): cash or debit card

To find out more about the Student OPUS card, visit the STM website.


Please check with your student association for more information on the student agenda.


For your books and supplies, the Polytechnique Montréal Coopoly cooperative bookstore is the ideal place to do your shopping. Check its opening hours on its website.

You can also buy used books at the Foire aux livres. Check their website for times and location.

Social Insurance Number (SIN) for international students

Service Canada offers international students the opportunity to obtain their Social Insurance Number (SIN) online, by mail and in person at a Service Canada office. 

To obtain the SIN, visit the Government of Canada Web site.

Photocopying and Printing


Self-Service Photocopiers
Self-service photocopiers are located on the 2nd floor of the Main Polytechnique building, the 6th floor of the Lassonde buildings, as well as in the Louise-Lalonde-Lamarre library. The machines are cash only.
Reprography Service

The reprography team offers professional printing and reproduction services to Polytechnique Montréal's professors, students and employees. VISA, MasterCard and Interac payments are accepted. It is possible to place an order online through their website.

Services offered by the Reprography Service: black & white and colour printing, poster printing (large format up to 60 inches), business cards, lamination, binding, printing of theses, pamphlets, brochures, etc.

Printing at the Computer Labs
Black & white printing is available directly from any PC located in the school’s computer labs located on the 6th floor of the Lassonde buildings. The file to be printed must be on a USB stick. Payment is via your virtual student account, which you can recharge on the 6th floor of the Lassonde buildings, or the 3rd floor of the Main Polytechnique building in front of room B-314.

A non-programmable calculator is required for most exams. A sticker authorizing the use of your calculator must be obtained from the AEP (C-215) prior to the start of exams.