You have no fees to pay before the start of your studies at Polytechnique Montréal. Each year, tuition fees are payable after the start of the term, in October for the fall term, in February for the winter term and in June for the summer term.

An email notice will be sent to inform you that your tuition invoice (including miscellaneous, administration, and insurance fees) is available in your student file. You will receive a separate notice for each term in which you are enrolled (fall, winter, summer).

❗ Exchange student in the International Thematic Clusters in Engineering program do not have to pay tuition fees to Polytechnique Montreal.

Fees and Student Budgets

Personal finances are a central issue in a student's life. Why not prepare a realistic budget now to minimize the effect of financial challenges that could arise. 

Student Financial Assistance Programs

The Student financial assistance programs (AFE), also known as “Loans and Bursaries”, are intended for Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and refugees. To avoid delays in processing, complete your application form as soon as possible (at least two months before the start of the school year).


Starting in your first year at Polytechnique Montréal, a wide variety of scholarships are available. Check the directory of scholarships regularly to find out everything about the various scholarship opportunities (admission, excellence, financial support, social involvement, research, etc.).

Important for International Students: You must ensure that you have sufficient funds to support yourself for the duration of your studies before leaving your home country. Please see the budget for international students.

Research Scholarships

Research scholarships are offered by various granting agencies (NSERC, FRQNT, SSHRC, etc.).