Programs offered

Developed by engineers and engineering technologists currently working in the field, Undergraduate Certificates and Microprograms offer courses that have real-life, concrete relevance to cutting-edge fields. Polytechnique Montréal make professional development accessible, with classes offered at night, and in some cases, offering online courses.

Undergraduate certificateS

10 courses | 30 credits | full time or part time

Undergraduate Certificates enable students to acquire new knowledge and skills applicable to the current job market, while earning a certificate from a recognized university. Note that only the Undergraduate Certificate in Cybersecurity and Undergraduate Certificate in Analysis and Operational Cybersecurity are offered in English; the remaining Certificates are offered in French.









Cumulative Degree (via certificate) | 90 credits | Full time or Part time

A cumulative Bachelor’s degree with a Specialization in Cybersecurity is available to students who have successfully completed three certificates addressing various aspects of cybersecurity.

By successfully completing three certificate programs totalling 90 credits, a student can also earn a Bachelor of Science degree. The bachelor diploma would make mention of the three certificates and the date on which each was completed. The Bachelor of Science earned cumulatively in this manner is not recognized by the Order of Engineers of Québec (OIQ – Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec).

Note that only the Undergraduate Certificate in Cybersecurity and Undergraduate Certificate in Analysis and Operational Cybersecurity are offered in English; the remaining Certificates in Cybersecurity are offered in French.



3 courses | 9 credits | Part time

Undergraduate Microprograms enable students to explore a new area of study, and to develop established skills. Note that only the Undergraduate Microprogram in Networking and security is offered in English; the remaining Microprograms are offered in French.


Non-credit courseS

Continuing education is an effective way to upgrade skills that can ensure team successes. We are keen to respond to real-time needs and help guide managers and professionals throughout their training and education. To learn more