Undergraduate Microprogram in Networking and Security

This microprogram allows students to begin studies or perfect their knowledge and skills in the area of cybersecurity of computer networks, in either English or French.

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about the program

Computer hackers, breaches in cybersecurity, compromised confidentiality of data: it is not surprising to see these terms mentioned in the headlines and on the news with more frequency. The increasing presence in our lives of information technologies and communications in general has led to the emergence of new and far-reaching risks in terms of security.

Within this context, the intervention of networking and security specialists is more in demand than ever across all economic sectors. Every company and organization using computer networks, regardless of its core activities, is vulnerable to a cyberattack.

The microprogram in Networking and Security will allow students to undertake or perfect their knowledge in the field of computer network cybersecurity. They will familiarize themselves with the various facets of issues arising, whether it is risk assessment, storage and data security, cyberattack detection or strategies used by computer hackers. Domestic security and wireless networks are also addressed in the courses offered, as well as programming languages, scripts and the security of operating systems.

This microprogram leads to an attestation for an undergraduate microprogram in Networking and Security.

Successfully completed microprogram courses may be transferred to a corresponding certificate.

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Online Courses

This program is offered entirely online.

Why should you pursue your studies online?

For the flexibility, the expertise and the variety of courses offered.  Several courses are being offered asynchronously, that is, you can follow the courses and study during the week when it is convenient for you. Polytechnique Montréal also offers you the flexibility to choose your own rhythm of study. You wish to pursue your certificate program part-time by taking 3 to 9 credits per semester? It’s possible. You want to complete your studies full-time by taking 12 to 15 credits per semester? That’s also possible. This flexibility will permit you to establish your own work-study-family balance.

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