Experience a rich student life at Polytechnique! There are countless ways to get involved, no matter what your interests are! 


Student life is always buzzing at Polytechnique Montréal! 

Through its dynamic student association and its variety of committees and technical clubs, you will have the opportunity to get involved at all levels, no matter your interests. Technical projects, theatre, international competitions, themed evenings, photography, politics, IT or event organization, our student population is so active that we sometimes wonder when they have time for studying… or sleeping! 


Technical clubs bring together true enthusiasts from all branches of engineering. Their common goal is to carry out projects to participate in provincial, national and international competitions taking place on land, at sea and in the air. Polytechnique Montréal supports these students by providing funds as well as the space and equipment to carry out their work. 


At Polytechnique Montréal, anything is possible… or almost! More than forty committees bring life to the student experience throughout the year in a wide variety of fields. Each program also has an education committee, whose mandate is to defend the interests of students in all matters related to education. Your time at Polytechnique will provide you with the perfect opportunity to get involved in a committee whose mission speaks to your interests, forging ties with other students who share the same passions as you do. 


The Association étudiante de Polytechnique (AEP) represents students enrolled in engineering at Polytechnique. Its mission is to offer its members an environment conducive to development. The AEP is recognized for the exceptional vigour of its committees and of its student life, for its bargaining power and for the wide range of services it offers. To find out more : 

The Association des étudiants des cycles supérieurs de Polytechnique (AÉCSP) has between 2000 and 2400 members (depending on the session) at the graduate level at Polytechnique Montréal. Through its motto – Gather, represent, give back, achieve – the AÉCSP clearly expresses its intentions: to create a cohesive student community, sharing similar interests and joint experiences. To find out more :

PROGRAMS to recognize your dedication 

Recognition of your achievements! 
A useful addition to your resume! 
An incentive to develop your skills! 
Added value to your education! 

In order to highlight the commitment of Polytechnique Montréal students, several recognition programs have been put in place to officially recognize the formative value of sustained effort. Recognition programs are there to highlight the achievements of students and thus prepare them to enter the world of work by developing their strengths and deploying their full potential within the framework of a balanced educational program. 

De Vinci Profile

This program recognizes the ability of students to push their limits and to excel not only on the academic front in the field of engineering, but also in other fields of activity such as the arts, sports, social commitment and entrepreneurship. This profile is accompanied by a $2,000 scholarship, awarded by the Fondation et Alumni de Polytechnique Montréal on behalf of its generous donor, Mr. J.V. Raymond Cyr, Po 58. 

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International Profile

This program showcases students who have demonstrated an openness to the world by completing an international internship or working outside Canada during their studies at Polytechnique. It recognizes an adaptation to other cultures as well as fluency in French and English, as well as knowledge of a third language. 

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Action-Poly Profile

The purpose of Action-Poly is to highlight the contribution of students who have distinguished themselves through diligent commitment and an active contribution to student life at Polytechnique. A way to officially recognize the dedication of all those who give their time to the Polytechnique community. 

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Sports activities to let loose and have fun

Are you a sports enthusiast? Every year, the PolySports committee organizes sports leagues as well as ski and snowboard trips. Students also have privileged access to the incredible facilities of the Centre d’éducation physique et des sports de l’Université de Montréal (CEPSUM) and can register for teams participating in various interfaculty sports competitions. 


The PolySports committee offers sports activities to Polytechnique Montréal students so they can have fun and achieve their full potential. Among others, PolySports organizes sports leagues, trips, as well as skiing and snowboarding days. Students can also participate in various inter-faculty competitions. 


At the Université de Montréal campus, just a short walk away from Polytechnique, theCentre d’éducation physique et des sports de l’Université de Montréal (CEPSUM)offers privileged access to its facilities: an Olympic swimming pool, gym, ice rink, fields and gymnasiums for various sports, running track, etc. 

Sport d’excellence

The programme de sport d’excellence aims to support Polytechnique Montréal student-athletes in achieving their personal and athletic goals by offering them guidance in planning their studies. Only athletes who are part of one of the Carabins de l'Université de Montréal teams or who are recognized in the Elite or Excellence categories of the Ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur can benefit from the support offered by this program.