Study costs and financial aid

When thinking about university, you also need to think about financial planning. At Polytechnique Montréal, in addition to reasonable tuition there are also a lot of financial aid solutions. Our goal is to ensure that you’re able to fully focus on your studies, without stressing about your budget.


The following information represents an estimate of costs to consider to study at Polytechnique Montréal in 2022-2023.  Amounts are indicated in Canadian dollars. They are provided for reference and are subject change without notice. Tuition and associated fees are reevaluated and revised each year. 

TUTION AND RELATED FEES (The following amounts represent tuition and associated fees pour a semester)
Canadian citizens; Québec residents
3 credits / session $480
6 credits / session $900
9 credits / session $1,200
12 credits / session $1,600
15 credits / session $1,800
Canadian citizens; non-residents of Québec
3 credits / session $1,100
6 credits / session $2,000
9 credits / session $3,000
12 credits / session $3,900
15 credits / session $4,800

financial aid and bursaries

Each year, Polytechnique students receive close to $3 million in internal and external scholarships to recognize academic excellence, involvement in different spheres of society, academic perseverance, etc.

Students are also offered other financing options (ex: government loans, exemptions, work on campus, etc.)

To learn more: (in French only)


PRATIC program

(Information and Communication Technology Requalification and Training Program)

Please note that for all questions pertaining to admission requirements and registration for the PRATIC program, you must contact employment agents at Service Québec who have been assigned to you. You can consult details about the PRATIC program here.  

Four certificate programs offered at Polytechnique Montréal are currently recognized within the context of this program. We invite you to consult these webpages with detailed information about these programs:



(Programme d’aide financière pour la formation d’appoint en reconnaissance des compétences)

The PAFFARC government program offers funding for the engineering program which offers further training to engineering graduates from abroad under certain conditions. For more details, please see this link.