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Helicopter rotor simulation, hovering, near the ground | Concentration (from green to red) and absence (in blue) of droplets and their trajectories around a aircraft wing profile (c) Simon Bourgault-Côté & Vincent Proulx-Cabana


aerospace + aerodynamics

Among our research teams, you could be dedicated to the study of Aerodynamics applied to aircraft (airplane, helicopters, etc.). By studying multiphysics problems in aero-icing (frosted aircraft), aero-elasticity (biomechanical properties of aquatic plants) and aircraft design (optimization), the department contributes to a transport industry that strives for excellence and effectiveness. Furthermore, we can add many collaborations, whether industrial (Bombardier, CAE Inc., CRAY Inc.) or academic (ONERA, ISAE-SupAéro, University of Strasbourg in France and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology -USA).

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