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Canada research chair in orthopedic engineering


Chairholder : Pr. Carl-Éric Aubin

This research will lead to the development of new modelization, simulation, prototyping, and now assisting tools to study/conceive/optimize:

  • biomedical devices;
  • prevention strategies;
  • and new custom orthopedic treatments.

The Chair is related to the Biomedical Engineering sector and Medical Technology industry. Furthermore, the Chair is relevant for the Canadian economy and for patients with musculoskeletal disorders.

NSERC/Medtronic Industrial Research Chair in Spine Biomechanics


Chairholder: Pr. Carl-Éric Aubin

The new NSERC/Medtronic Industrial Research Chair in Spine Biomechanics, led by Professor Carl-Éric Aubin, is developing technologies and devices that will facilitate the treatment of scoliosis and improve patients' lives.

Rehabilitation engineering chair applied in pediatrics


Chairholder: Maxime Raison

Research relevance: The Chair's objective is to answer the increasing need of Engineering solutions in clinical rehabilitation applied to Pediatrics. These Engineering solutions concern multibody dynamic models, Robotics, Instrumentation and their application to clinical research.



Chairholder: Ricardo Camarero

Canada Research Chair in Fabrication of Advanced Microsystems and Materials


Chairholder: Daniel Therriault

Research relevance: The Chair wishes to answer the needs in the Microelectronics industry. Actually, many of today's high-tech products are approaching their technological limits (more compact designs, less power consumption). A promising solution to these problems and others is to capitalize on the amazing properties of nanoscopic materials with certain challenges. By processing, manufacturing and using nanoscopic properties, the Chair would develop effective 3D production and 3D printing methods.

Daniel Therriault's research will help create revolutionary products for the Aerospace, Microelectronics and Biomedical industries, using greener materials, and will contribute to the creation of greener aircraft.

Canada Research Chair in Multiscale Modelling of advanced Aerospace Materials


Chairholder: Martin Lévesque

Research relevance: This Chair models advanced aerospace materials and processes to predict their long-term performance. The results will allow the Canadian Aerospace industry to design lighter and safer aircraft parts that will consume less fuel and require less energy to be manufactured, thus decreasing the environmental footprint of air travel.

Chaire de recherche industrielle CRSNG-General Electric en écoulement diphasique


Chairholder: Stéphane Étienne

Research Chair in Assistive and Rehabilitation Technologies
Teaching and project-based learning chair

Chairholder: Daniel Spooner

Research relevance: This unique Chair will work on integrative projects, evaluation methods, coaching tools and best practices in project-based learning. The Chair capitalizes on the innovative educational framework CDIO (Conceive, Design, Implement, Operate, a network joined by Polytechnique Montréal.