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Masters and PhD, school year 2020-2021

2021/10/12 Nicolas Mouazé Analyse de la saisie d’objets déformables par des pinces adaptatives
2021/12/10 Michaël Makram Mousa Selwanis Advanced Passive Techniques in Vibration Reduction
2021/12/14 Moustafa Awad An Immersed Boundary method approach using Hierarchical and Overlapping grids for unsteady Aerodynamics
2021/12/16 Adam Neale Development of a bottom-up white-box Residential building stock energy model
2021/12/16 Wassime Siguerdidjane Closed-loop Automation of shot peen forming with in-process shape Measurements
2021/12/17 Yixun Sun Flow and heat transfer Analysis in Granular beds for Injection Molding
2021/12/22 Behzad Barzegar Bafrouei Assessing the Energy Flexibility Potential Residential Photovoltaic panel with Battery systems in cold climate
2019/09/05 Amrita Bag Analytical Fatigue Life Prediction of Shot Peened 300M Steel
2019/08/30 Simon Fortin Étude de bistabilité des bulles ellipsoïdales par une méthode ale de résolution des écoulements diphasiques
2019/08/30 Benjamin Doulcet Simulations des interactions fluide-structure par une formulation bilatérale fortement couplée sous OpenFOAM
2019/08/29 Miguel Gagnon Nonlinear aeroelastic coupling of aircraft aerostructural systems
2019/08/29 Samuel Lecours Développement d’un exosquelette portable motorisé des membres supérieurs pour les enfants atteints de troubles neuromusculaires
2019/08/29 Lydia Plastre Prédiction de l’érosion de cavitation par une méthode multi-échelle
2019/08/22 Nicolas Aujogue Application de l’holographie acoustique transitoire au contrôle non destructif de structures
2019/08/19 Alexis Nossovitch A mechanical and economical study on the incorporation of anti-microbial anodized aluminum in cooling towers
2019/07/02 Tanvir Mustafy The Short and Long Term Effects of in Vivo Low/High Impact Loadings Applied During Puberty on Bone Growth, Morphometry and Biomechanics 
2019/06/10 Aviral Prakash Rans computation of heat transfer over rough surfaces
2019/06/06 Dominique Beaini Novel Computer Vision Algorithms Using Electromagnetic Convolution Kemels
2019/05/31 Gaël Simon Validation d’un critère de décollement lagrangien sur des écoulements instationnaires complexes
2019/05/24 Camille Beurcq Control strategies for standing column wells in cold climate
2019/05/03 Ugo Chouinard On the Mitigation of Late Stage Redesign in Mechatronics Using Integrated Approaches 
2019/05/03 Houaida Saidi Modélisation de pompes à chaleur à multiple compresseurs
2019/05/02 David Benoit Biomechanical simulator for the surgical correction of sagittal balance in adult spinal deformity
2019/05/01 Othmane Dayi Méthodologie d’intégration de l’agilité aux chaînes logistiques aéronautiques 
2019/05/01 Sajjad Rastegar Talzali Biomechanical modeling of transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion: assessment of segmental lumbar lordosis and risk of cage subsidence with different cage heights and placements
Mechanics & aerospace week

Each year, the undergraduate students’ club, Comité des Étudiants en Génie Mécanique (CEGM) & Comité des Étudiants en Génie Aérospatial (CEGA), presents the Mechanics & Aerospace Week. The week is dedicated to careers in mechanical and aerospace engineering.

Conferences will be offered to allow students to discover some areas applied to their genius. The highlight of the week is a career day that allows students and graduates to interact with members of companies working in their field. The next day, students, professionals and teachers are generally invited to a wine & tapas to close this series of activities. Visit the dedicated website to find out more about the objectives, activities and partnership proposals!

Integrative projects day

Each year, we discover our final year students' work. You are welcome to attend!