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Biomedical Engineering

Courtesy of Delphine Périe-Curnier. Her research interests focus on heart problems in children following chemotherapy.

chemotherapy + Cardiac Mechanics

The heart is a machine, which provides life. Here, we work on the side effects of chemotherapy on children's hearts. Previous studies demonstrated that ten years after treatment, the young patients suffer from heart diseases. By following 250 patients and their heart fibres by MRI, the project allowed to:

  • develop imagery and modeling tools to detect those changes at an early stage;
  • provide rapid care for patients to avoid subsequent diseases.

→ Research in clinical settings

pediatrics + arm-assisting exoskeleton

For daily activities (a shower for example), we need functional arms. For children with neuromuscular disease, because of muscle weakness, even the easiest activity is impossible to perform. We have developed an arm-assisting exoskeleton* with actuators to support their limited motor skills and improve their autonomy and social life. This research involves experts in Biomechanical Modelling, Mechatronics, Robotics and rapid prototyping for a multidisciplinary reach.

*Courtesy of Guillaume Gaudet. His research focuses on exoskeletons.

Patient-as-partner approach


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