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3. Health & Insurance

Québec law requires international students studying in Québec to have valid health insurance. École Polytechnique’s group insurance plan is therefore compulsory for all foreign students enrolled in the school. As such, international students are automatically insured, right from the time they register. However, some students are entitled to claim exemption from this plan.

For new international students, coverage comes into effect once they arrive in Canada, although no earlier than August 15 for the fall semester or December 15 for the winter semester. If you plan to arrive earlier than these two dates, we strongly recommend that you take out private health insurance to cover the period between your arrival and the start of your contract.

Québec law requires international students studying in Québec to hold valid health insurance. Accordingly, international students will automatically be billed for Polytechnique’s individual health insurance plan. However, scholarship recipients and students from countries having a reciprocal agreement with Canada or students who are scholarship recipients may be entitled to claim exemption from this plan, upon presentation of certain documents.

Only students who fall into the abovementioned categories (reciprocal agreements or scholarship recipients) can opt out of Polytechnique’s compulsory health insurance plan.

If you fall into one of these categories, each year you must present proof of your health coverage before the deadlines below. Failure to comply with these dates will result in your being billed for the health insurance plan fees.

Scholarship recipients must provide the insurance card provided by their funding body.

Students who are nationals of countries that have a reciprocal agreement with Québec must provide proof of their eligibility for coverage by the RAMQ.

Semester Deadline
Fall 2018 September 10
Winter 2019 January 18
Summer 2019 May 17

N.B. Kindly note that these dates are non-negotiable.

Please note this information is not for the international students who participate to an internership. They have to present their eligibility as soon as possible.

Reciprocal agreements

As a result of intergovernmental agreements, students who are nationals of Denmark, Finland, France, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal and Sweden and covered under their country’s medical plan may be eligible for coverage under the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (Québec health insurance board — RAMQ) plan at no cost.

The RAMQ does not cover prescription medication, eyeglasses or dental care, except in the case of French nationals under age 26, who are reimbursed for prescription drugs (up to age 26, they are exempt from paying the premium; thereafter they must pay the deductible and co-insurance components when purchasing medication, the same as Québec students in the same age group.)

To apply for RAMQ coverage and obtain a Québec health insurance card, eligible students must do the following:

1. Obtain proof of coverage under their country’s social security plan, i.e.:

  • Belgium: the BE/QUE 128
  • Denmark: Denmark health card
  • Finland: the SF-Q 4 form
  • France: the forms SE-401-Q-102 (Attestation d'appartenance au régime français préalablement au départ pour le Québec - permis d'études) or SE-401-Q-106 (Attestation d'affiliation au régime de sécurité sociale du pays d'origine - échanges interuniversitaires) or SE-401-Q104 (Attestation d'appartenance au régime français préalablement au départ pour le Québec - permis de travail)
  • Greece: GR/QUE 6
  • Luxembourg: the form LUX-QUE 4
  • Portugal : POR/QUE 4
  • Romania: ROU/QUE 106
  • Norway: Attestation issued by HELFO or by NAV
  • Sweden: Attestation issued by a competent institution certifying the student's right to healthcare coverage

N.B. The dates mentioned on the form must cover the entire study period (one or two semesters).

2. Obtain attestation of full-time student status from the Registrar’s Office (A-201). For exchange students, the international office will provide you this letter when you will present your passport and your immigration papers.

3. Visit the RAMQ to register:

For the Fall term, you need to follow specific steps described in this document (in French only).

For Winter and Summer terms, go to:

425 de Maisonneuve Boulevard West, 3rd floor
Montréal, H3A 3G5
(Place des Arts or McGill métro)

...and provide the abovementioned documents, along with:

  • your passport;
  • your Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ) if your stay extends beyond six months;
  • One passport-sized photo in accordance with the RAMQ’s stipulations (taken in a drugstore, at a professional photographer’s or at the RAMQ office for a cost of approximately $6);
  • your Montréal address.

The RAMQ will provide you with proof of your interim health-care coverage while you await the arrival of your RAMQ card, as well as attestation of your eligibility for RAMQ coverage.

N.B. You must provide a photocopy of this document to the Registrar’s Office (A-201) before the deadlines for withdrawal from the insurance plan. Failure to comply with these dates will result in your being billed the health insurance plan fees.

If your RAMQ eligibility ends while you are still in Québec, you are responsible for renewing your coverage and presenting your new card to the Registrar’s Office before the specified deadlines. To renew your card, you must follow the same steps, replacing proof of your coverage under your country’s social security system with your RAMQ card.

Scholarship recipients

Scholarships from some international organizations include medical insurance. To claim exemption from École Polytechnique’s compulsory health insurance plan, scholarship recipients must include this information on their scholarship certificate.

Scholarship recipients must also submit proof of their medical coverage to the Registrar’s Office (A-201) before the specified deadlines.