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Stéphane Kéna Cohen

Photoni ● Optoelectronic materials ● Quantique

Stéphane Kéna-Cohen is an adjunct professor who heads the Laboratory for Nanostructured and Molecular Photonics and holds the Canada Research Chair in Hybrid and Molecular Photonics.

His research specializations are in the physics of solids, optics and advanced materials, leading to development of optoelectronic components.

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Optoelectronics is everywhere around us: it is essential to the operation of the Internet, used for lighting and displays, and for solar energy generation. It will also be an integral part of future quantum networks and quantum technologies. Professor Kéna-Cohen is developing optoelectronic devices with novel properties using nanostructured, hybrid and molecular materials. The members of his group harness these materials to develop low-cost LEDs, highly efficient solar cells, tunable lasers, and single-photon sources for quantum computing. His laboratory fabricates optoelectronic components from the ground up: including design, fabrication and characterization of the final device.

... NOVEL materials

To study the properties of novel materials and how best to use them within devices, his group uses advanced laser spectroscopy and electrical characterization techniques.

He is particularly interested in light-material interaction and is well-known for his work on polaritons: half-light, half-matter quasiparticles. By manipulating materials on the nanoscale, his group can modify material properties in a way that is useful for conventional devices (modified absorption and emission) and for quantum technologies, which rely on controlling the wavefunction, coherence, and spin of electronic excitations.

Propagation of polaritons in normal (high) and superfluid (low) regime.
Courtesy of Lorenzo Dominici.

If fabricating novel optoelectronic devices from the ground-up or studying the physics of novel materials using laser spectroscopy is of interest to you, do not hesitate to contact Prof. Kéna-Cohen for more information.