Engineering Physics

Ludvik Martinu

Surfaces & Thin films ● Cotaings ● Technology

Ludvik Martinu is a professor at Polytechnique Montréal, holder of the NSERC Multisectorial Industrial Research Chair in Coatings and Surface Engineering, and director of the Thin-Film Physics and Technology Research Group (GCM).


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Professor Martinu’s research is conducted mainly in engineering of surfaces and thin films (optical, mechanical, tribological, and electrical properties). He has expert knowledge of coatings (optical, protective and multifunctional), smart materials, optical filters (design and manufacturing), and coatings for plastic substrates.

His work has multiple industrial applications in optics, photonics, safety devices, aerospace and biomedicine, architectural windows, manufacturing, and energy. He is a specialist in plasma processes for nanomaterials manufacturing and surface treatments (gas-phase techniques such as plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition [PECVD] and physical vapour deposition (PVD), e.g., reactive spray deposition) as well as diagnostics of plasma-surface interactions.

He holds several patents, and is a very active contributor to international bodies and organizer of international conferences.