Printing and Scanning

Printers and scanners are located in room L-7613.



Computers in the Library are all connected to the Library's printers.

Black and white printer: choose printer L-7613 on the computer

  • Duplex printing mode selected by default

Color printer: choose printer L-7613c on the computer

  • One sided mode selected by default.


Printing cost per page have been updated on September 9, 2022.

Tableau des coûts d'impression

How to pay

Printing costs are deducted from your student virtual account. All new students have 2 $ in their virtual account for printing. 

To see the balance in your account, log in to a computer. Click or hover the mouse over the black dollar sign icon in the bottom right of the screen:

Solde du compte

How to add funds to your account

To add funds to your virtual account, you must go to one of the two computer station located:

  • on the 6th floor of the pavillon Lassonde, beside the elevators
  • on the 3rd floor of the pavillon Principal (in front of room B-314)

The device to add funds only accept cash and does not give change.


A scanner is available to transfer documents to a USB key or to send by email.

Lawful reproduction

Any reproduction of a work protected by copyright is regulated by either :

  • the Copyright Act,
  • the copyright holder, or
  • an agreement between Polytechnique and the Société québécoise de la gestion collective des droits de reproduction (COPIBEC).

For more information, consult the agreement on the reproduction of literary works in Québec universities (COPIBEC and BCI).

Lawful use of electronic resources

Electronic databases, books and journals are available to Polytechnique professors, students and employees; their reproduction is regulated by agreements between the Library and their providers. Users must comply with the Copyright Act or the rules set out in the agreements. For more information, consult the Elsevier guide "Ways to Use Journal Articles Published by Elsevier: A Practical Guide."

Failure to comply with the Copyright Act or the abovementioned agreements may lead to a loss of user privileges. Under certain circumstances, copyright infringement may entail the suspension or termination of access for all Polytechnique users.

Below is an overview of both the authorized and unauthorized use of electronic resources :

Authorized use

In general, users may:

  • Search databases and e-document collections, display search results and print them out for the purposes of private study or research
  • Download and save (on local media - hard drives, CDs, etc.) a reasonable number of bibliographic references, individual articles, short excerpts from books for the purposes of private study or research

Unauthorized use

It is strictly forbidden to provide access to Library resources to users who are not Polytechnique professors, students or employees.

In general, it is also forbidden to:

  • Systematically or substantially download or reproduce database, journal or e-book content (e.g. downloading a complete journal issue)
  • Create derivative products like local document databases
  • Redistribute downloaded or printed text to other users

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