Mission, Vision and Strategic Orientations


Polytechnique Montréal’s Louise‐Lalonde‐Lamarre Library supports its community’s teaching and research activities, its outreach, the success and well‐being of the students, and the management of strategic information within the institution.

The Louise‐Lalonde‐Lamarre Library is the information centre where Polytechnique’s academic culture thrives and its values are embodied. This is reflected in:

  • the services it provides;
  • the expertise of its team at all stages of the research, management and information- sharing process, in all its forms and on all media;
  • its spaces designed for intellectual work, creativity and innovation; and
  • its numerous internal and external alliances.

With the aim of having a positive impact on society in terms of sustainable development and social justice, the Louise‐Lalonde‐Lamarre Library team is a leader in promoting and applying the principles of open science within the institution and with its various partnerships.


Polytechnique Montréal’s Louise‐Lalonde‐Lamarre Library manages knowledge, from its creation to its dissemination and accessibility, and actively contributes in this way to the development of:

  • future engineers, agents of change who will build the society of tomorrow;
  • research in the engineering field, providing solutions to the challenges in our society; and
  • Polytechnique Montréal, which has a significant impact on the growth of engineering and society. 

Strategic orientations

The Library:

  1. embodies and supports Polytechnique Montréal’s values in achieving its mission;
  2. provides a physically and psychologically safe work environment where the team develops and feels valued; 
  3. puts the needs of the Polytechnique Montréal community first in its decisions, actions, collections and services; 
  4. helps raise awareness of the activities of the members of the Polytechnique Montréal community in accordance with its mission;
  5. promotes sustainable development in the use of its resources and its active support for open science; 
  6. plays a leadership role in the ethical use of information;
  7. provides the Polytechnique Montréal community with inclusive and respectful spaces and services that meet its users’ technological and information needs; and
  8. implements continuous-improvement practices.

Last updated : November 2022

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