The Library collaborates with Polytechnique’s professors to develop the information literacy skills of students, by offering dedicated training sessions.

"To be information literate, a person must be able to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information." (Association of College & Research Libraries, 1989).

Group Training Sessions

a) For Graduate Students

  • IN6900E Laboratories (Research Methods – 1 course credit)

    Mandatory for research-based master’s students, this lab provides 10.5 hours of training and aims to make students proficient in effective documentary searching to produce their literature review.

  • CAP7005E Workshop (Handling of Scientific and Technical Information – 1 course credit)

    The Library is involved in all four sessions of this workshop developed for PhD students. Its main objectives are to help doctoral students:

    • Become proficient in the methods and tools recommended for producing a scientific literature review;
    • Learn about the methods and tools recommended for producing a technical literature review;
    • Strategically analyze the information obtained.

b) For Undergraduate Students

The Library provides one training class or period each session for the following undergraduate courses:

  • CIV1910: Projet d’analyse expérimentale d’ouvrages civils
  • ELE3000: Projet personnel en génie électrique
  • GBM1100: Projets et travail en équipe en génie biomédical
  • GBM3100: Projet individuel en génie biomédical
  • GCH1121: Introduction à la conception en génie chimique
  • GCH2550: Projet de modélisation numérique
  • GCH3100C: Projets d’opérations unitaires
  • INF1040: Introduction à l’ingénierie informatique

 c) Information Literacy Training on Request

A period of library instruction during a course can be offered at the request of a faculty member.

d) One-off Workshops

  • EndNote Workshop

    This three-hour workshop is offered regularly for the Polytechnique community in French and English.

  • Library Discovery Workshop (in French only)

    Available to all members of the Polytechnique community, this workshop offers basic training in using the Library’s resources and services. Usually offered at the beginning of each session.

    For the upcoming one-off workshops’ dates, please check:

e) Alternative Solutions for Information Literacy Training

  • General Guides

    The Library develops guides on various topics of interest in science and engineering for all community. These Guides by Subject provide access to essential and reliable information sources. The Library website also provides guides on other important subjects, such as the ethical use of information.

  • Topic-Specific Guides

    A guide on a particular topic, produced by a librarian, can be a substitute for information literacy training in classroom. This guide can be posted by the professor on the course website. As an example, for the course GCH4125 - Conception et synthèse des procédés, the Library developed a guide on the resources for economic information in chemical engineering, which is available on the course website.

  • Individual Consultations

    Offered by library technicians of the Reference Service during Library hours. Depending on the complexity of the query, users can be referred to a librarian for an in-depth consultation (e.g., final project).

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