Research Interships for International Students

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"Travelling to Montréal, Canada, was a huge eye opener for me. I got to experience different culture and traditions, tried the famous Montréal Poutine along with different varities of cuisines and meeting nice people with great minds. Working at Polytechnique was another extra-ordinatry experience as I got the chance to converse with staff members in French despite the fact that my program was conducted in English. The staffs and students were so king and showed uptimum level of professioinalisme throughout my stay. This is one of such opportunities that I will forever be thankful for. "

Queensland University of Technology, Australia

LENKA SCHEINHERROVA, Ph.D. in Physical and Material Engineering

" I am very thankful and happy that I could be part of Polytechnique as an intern. I met many great people and I could try what’s like doing research for real. Students and interns here need to be very independent individuals by solving problems on their own. Supervisors don’t expect us to follow them, they want us to be creative and patient. Sometimes it can be very challenging but when you can solve problems without any help, you’re becoming a stronger person. "

Czech Technical University, Czech Republic



" The most important experience I gained during my research internship at Polytechnique Montréal is the confidence to be an independent thinker, by totally dumping the original design concept and generating my own. I realized I could use the limited knowledge I learned so far to solve problems. The whole process itself was a surprise to me since I never thought I could solve the problem at the beginning. When I came back to Singapore, I realized that the research internship gave me great abilities both in course and real design works. "

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


The biggest lesson from the research internship at Polytechnique Montréal was how we lived together. During the internship, I worked with professors, plumbers, technicians, sensor sales men, colleagues, and so on. I experienced how engineers work together, and I also realized that this was not only for engineering. Since Montréal is a multicultural city and there were many interns from all around the world, I met many friends and learned how we live and enjoy our experiences together. "

Seoul National University, South Korea