Structure and operations


The Library is, first and foremost, about forty people who all work towards the same goal—to offer quality information services and collections—regardless of the work they do. To achieve this objective, the Library is made up of four teams:

Library Management

Management’s role is to ensure the development and achievement of a strategic vision. It directs and supports teams in maintaining, developing, implementing and promoting pertinent and quality collections, programs and services. It oversees the planning, supervision, organization and evaluation of all operations. It ensures that the programs, collections and services meet teaching and research needs. It proposes innovative approaches to meet the challenges regarding management, access and preservation of our local or acquired information heritage. Management promotes, develops and maintains close, positive and constructive relationships with various clients in order to know and serve them better. It represents the Library in various internal and external organizations.

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Client Space

The Client Space team welcomes and guides users in the Library. It helps clients research information and documents, and takes part in the Library’s promotional and instructional activities. It manages the loan and storage of material and monitors the equipment made available to users (photocopiers, computers, printers, group study rooms, etc.). The team procures material that is not available in our collection from other institutions and, in turn, provides material from our collection to other libraries. The team oversees the safety of users, property and facilities and ensures the proper working conditionsfor equipment and user areas.

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Consulting Services

The Consulting Services team offers its expertise in training and adult education, its in-depth knowledge of information resources specific to each discipline, its proficiency in the organization and enhancement of information, its familiarity with scientific methods and research context, and its vast experience in consulting services to offer solutions that assist in the development of learning and innovation in research to its various clients.

The team offers one-on-one and group training for undergraduate and graduate studies.It provides the laboratories for course ING6900, Méthodologie de la recherche, and workshops for the course CAP7005, Traitement de l'information scientifique et technique, all in an effort to improve the information literacy of research students.

The team also supports the information tier of the Canada Research Chairs (monitoring information sources, bibliometric analyses, research training, etc.) and contributes to various projects to enhance information at the School.

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Technical and Computer System Services

All printed,electronic and other documents that are acquired by the Library are listed and indexed by the Technical and Computer Systems department. The team is responsible for developing and maintaining the Library’s website and supports Library staff in maintaining the intranet.

The team takes care of planning, organizing, directing and controlling all activities related to computer resources. In addition to its operational mission, the team also provides training and offers front line technical support to Library staff regarding the use of information systems.

The team creates, disseminates and publicizes the e-version of some documents produced at the School or Library such as the Répertoire des publications scientifiques et techniques (directory of scientific and technical publications). It also plays a dominant role in implementing and managing the institutional data warehouse « PolyPublie ».

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Several committees add variety to Library life, making it a vibrant place inspired by the ideas and contributions of all:

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee is the Library’s coordination committee. It studies all major aspects of Library governance, and coordinates policies, standards and procedures. The committee also advises the Library Manager on general direction.

The governance committee includes:

  • Library Manager, Committee Chair;
  • Principal Advisor, Collection Development;
  • Principal Advisor, Services Development &  Promotion;
  • Section Leader, Technical and Computer System Services;
  • Section Leader, Consulting Services;
  • Section Leader, Client Space;
  • Access & Metadata Coordinator;
  • Administrative Technician;
  • Two staff members (alternating).

2015 -2016 Committee members: Lyse Bourget, Christine Chahal, Manon Du Ruisseau, Sylvain Meunier, Madeleine Proulx, Genevieve Rauzon-Charbonneau, Robin Sylvestre and Greg Whitney.

Client Committee

The Client Committee develops and maintains close, positive and constructive liaison with all various clients of the Library. The committee promote the mandate, the ressources and services of the Library. The Committe lead innovative ways to establish relationship with the students, the faculty, alumini, employees of Polytechnique Montreal. The Committee manage surveys and focus group meetings. Members of the Committee are aware of the best ways to desserve library users for the collections, the services and the spaces. 

2015 -2016 Committee members: Mathieu Barbe, Élise Anne Basque, Christine Chahal, Jean-Yves Devost, Sylvain Meunier, Madeleine Proulx, Barbara Sandrzyk, Marie Tremblay

Access to Resources Committee

The Access to Resources Committee supports and advises the Library about the access to selected information resources. Its scope includes all resources available either from the catalogue, Library website or other search tools.

The Committee reports to the Library Manager and is made up of eight people from the three Library work sections: Technical and Computer System Services, Client Space and Consulting Services.

CARess (Access to Resources Committee) meets monthly and the chair welcomes all comments & suggestions from Library users.

2015 -2016 Committee members: Elise Anne Basque, Lyse Bourget, Christine Chahal, Irina Gherasim, Geneviève Rauzon-Charbonneau, Robin Sylvestre and Greg Whitney.

Organization chart

The Library’s organization chart is available in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF).