Recherche et innovation

Laboratory for Acoustics and Vibration Analysis (LAVA)

The Laboratory for Acoustics and Vibration Analysis (LAVA) brings together talented women and men who work closely with local and international industries to create value and promote technological transfer in leading edge fields such as aviation, road and rail transport, nuclear energy, and professional athletic equipment. The laboratory is lead by professors Annie Ross and Alain Batailly. Prof. Ross and her team focus on avant-garde technologies to develop innovative methods and solutions for issues related to composite structure damping, mechanical impacts, and noise reduction. Prof. Batailly investigates issues related to non-linear contact behaviour in aeronautical turbomachines. The laboratory’s diverse team of dedicated students and expert research personnel has a comprehensive approach that combines experimental and digital processes as well as dedicated computational means (data servers), in order to solve practical industrial problems. Using advanced acoustics and vibration equipment, LAVA helps to foster new ideas, supports the maturation of concepts, and delivers multifunctional prototypes.