Collaborative Research and Training Experience in Sustainable Electronics and Eco-Design (CREATE SEED)


CREATE SEED mission is to promote sustainability in the electronics industry, a paradigm shift needs to occur in its economic practices from linear to circular.

The specific training objectives of the program are:

  • Shifting Paradigms from linear to circular design thinking with evidence-based approaches and critical thinking;
  • Breaking information silos and eliminating blind spots such as ecotoxicology;
  • Promoting awareness about the global (transboundary) dimension of the WEEE issue

CREATE SEED research objectives revolve around three axes:

  • Working within the Status Quo, i.e. tackling the urgent WEEE issue through Recovery and Recycling of components from existing WEEE (Objective I) 
  • Continuous Improvement of Current practices, towards adapting them to Sustainability Principles (Objective II) 
  • Re-envisioning Electronics Design: Attaining acceptable Performance of devices, while Minimizing the Environmental Footprint, by bringing together the best of Conventional Inorganic Electronics and Emerging Organic Technologies (Objective III)