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5.1 Research-based master’s and doctorate

Fluency in French or English

Students must provide a language test results (English or French) recognized by Polytechnique Montréal, with minimum threshold set by Polytechnique Montréal respected.

Students are free to choose the language test they want to take from the list of accepted tests by Polytechnique Montréal. The result of the test is a condition of admission and is a requirement for the study of the candidate’s application.

Accepted tests

The results of the following tests are accepted as meeting the language condition for admission:

*The following tests are not accepted: TCF pour l'accès à la nationalité française, TCF pour le Québec, TEF adapté au Québec (TEFaQ) and TEF pour la naturalisation.

Exemptions from the French/English test

Candidates may be exempted if they meet one of the following conditions: 

  • Secondary studies carried out in an education system recognized as francophone or anglophone by Polytechnique (list of countries);  
  • Secondary studies carried out in French or in English in Canada
  • Diploma of College Studies (DEC) in a francophone CÉGEP in Québec;
  • Diploma of College Studies (DEC) in an anglophone CÉGEP in Québec;
  • University degree from a francophone or anglophone university in Canada;
  • University degree (3-year degree minimum) from a francophone university located out of Canada (diploma and transcript written in French originally);
  • Being an OIQ (Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec) member and having met the OIQ's language requirements (proof of valid registration).

List of countries whose education systems are recognized as francophone or anglophone by Polytechnique Montreal

Belgium (French system) Congo (People's Republic) Mali
Benin Djibouti Niger
Burkina Faso France* Rwanda
Burundi Gabon Senegal
Cameroon (French system) Guinea Switzerland (French system)
Central African Republic Ivory Coast Togo
Comoros (Union of the) Luxembourg  
Congo (Democratic Republic) Madagascar  

*Candidates who have carried out their studies within the French teaching system in a country whose official language is not French may also be exempted from the TFI or its equivalent. They must present the official results of the expected French tests from France’s Baccalauréat général or Baccalauréat technologique as proof of attendance at a French lycée (high school) abroad.

Anguilla Hong Kong* Saint Kitts and Nevis
Antigua and Barbuda India Saint Lucia
Australia Ireland Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Bahamas Jamaica Seychelles
Barbados Kenya Sierra Leone
Belize Kiribati Singapore
Bhutan Lesotho Solomon Islands
Botswana Liberia South Africa
Canada Malawi Swaziland
Cayman Islands Marshall Islands Tanzania
Dominica Micronesia Tonga
Eritrea Namibia Trinidad and Tobago
Ethiopia New Zeland Uganda
Fidji Nigeria United Kingdom
Gambia Pakistan United States of America
Ghana Palau Zambia
Grenada Papua-New Guinea Zimbabwe

* Applicants from the Chinese University of Hong Kong must provide proof of fluency in the English language.

Where can language tests be taken?

Polytechnique Montréal does not offer Test de français international (TFI) sessions. Applicants for admission must sign up for a public test session.

As well, applicants for admission at Polytechnique Montréal may not attend TFI sessions organized by Université de Montréal. These sessions are reserved exclusively for Université de Montréal applicants. Application files and conditions for admission to Polytechnique Montréal are independent of those for Université de Montréal.

Candidates may take the language test at the location of their choice. Tests are offered in many countries.

TFI : Educational Testing Service Canada or Educational Testing Service (
DALF et DELF : Centre International d'Études Pédagogiques (CIEP)
TCF : Centre International d'Études Pédagogiques (CIEP)
TEF : Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris (CCI-Paris)
TOEFL : Educational Testing Service(
TOEIC : Educational Testing Service(
IELTS : International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
FCE : Cambridge English

Transmission of results (required document)

Originals and copies of test results are accepted. If you take a TFI, a TOEIC or a TOEFL, when you register for the test you may request that the results be sent directly to Polytechnique Montréal.