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Unit Directory

UdeM - Chemistry

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To reach a 4-digit number, first dial 340-4711 Tél. (514) Local

 Professors and Researchers

Professor Badia, Antonella 340-5270 J-3043
Professor Hanan, Garry 340-5156 J-3013
Professor Lafleur, Michel 340-3205 J-3029
Professor Pellerin, Christian 340-5762 J-2065
Professor Wuest, James 340-5178 J-4073
Researcher Bazuin, Geraldine 340-5176 J-2047
Researcher Giasson, Suzanne 340-5175 J-2045
Researcher Martel, Richard 340-5281 J-5090
Researcher Prud'homme, Robert E. 340-5173 J-2031
Researcher Skene, William 340-5174 J-2043
Researcher Winnik, Françoise 340-5179 J-4075
Researcher Zhu, Julian 340-5172 J-2029

 Teaching Staff

 Research and Staff

Research Fellow Moraille, Patricia 2509 J-3050
Research Officer Essiembre, Sylvain 7420 J-2050
Research Officer Ménard-Tremblay, Pierre 7420 J-2050

 Administrative Staff

Administrative Assistant Filiatrault, Kevin 343-6731
Administrative Technician Duguay Hebert, Nina 3120 J-1101


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