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Names Starting With "h"

To reach a 4-digit number, first dial 514-340-4711

Last Name, First NameExtension
OfficeDepartment / Service
Habel, Gilles3003
Academic and Student Life Affairs
Haccoun, David [expertise]4548
M-6115Department of Electrical Engineering
Hached, Sami2361
M-5019Department of Electrical Engineering
Haddad, Maryam2194
B-353.2Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Haddaoui, Nazha4849
Hade, Denis4946
A-381Building Management
Hall, Darren4864
B-258.7Department of Engineering Physics
Hammond, Bernadette(514) 340-4757
A-421.5Department of Mechanical Engineering
Hammoum, Embarek5848
C-337.14Building Management
Hansen, Pierre5675
Harvey, Jean-Philippe [expertise]4770
AA-6457Department of Chemical Engineering
Hawari, Jalal [expertise]3726
B-336.11Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Haya, Michel3116
CR-BUREAU8Bureau de projets
Hayeur, Brigitte5117
M-4404Department of Computer and Software engineering
Hébert, Alain [expertise]4519
B-258.5Department of Mechanical Engineering
B-258.5Institute of Nuclear Engineering (Groupe d'analyse nucléaire - GAN)
Hébert, Karine6675
Hébert, Marie Josée(514) 343-7270
UDEMJ.A. Bombardier Incubator
Hémond, Yannick5927
A-305.11Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
A-305.11Centre risque & performance (CRP)
Henry, Olivier [expertise]2191
J-3065Department of Chemical Engineering
Heroux, Diane4629
A-677Department of Chemical Engineering
Hertrich, Sylvie [expertise]3941
A-306.17Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Hertz, Alain [expertise]6037
A-520.20Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Heuzey, Marie-Claude [expertise]5930
A-578.1Department of Chemical Engineering
Hoemann, Caroline [expertise]4848
A-677.1Department of Chemical Engineering
A-677.1Institute of Biomedical Engineering
Hommery, Valérye3952
A-201.11Office of the Registrar
Houle, Annie4093
A-429.22Pension Plan
Huard, Jean4755
A-558.3Department of Chemical Engineering
Huberdeau, Jonathan4918
A-408Department of Mechanical Engineering
Hurteau, Richard [expertise](514) 340-4827
A-616.4Department of Financial and Material Resources
Hurtubise, Karine(514) 340-4545
B-530.4Teaching Support Centre
Hurtut, Thomas [expertise]7109
M-3113Department of Computer and Software engineering

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