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Names Starting With "m"

To reach a 4-digit number, first dial 514-340-4711

Last Name, First NameExtension
OfficeDepartment / Service
Maazoun, Wissem2144
C-521.1Office of Research/Centre for Technological Development
Machioudi, Kassim2368
L-7927Information And Technologies Services
Mahajan, Aditya4509
Mahdi, Tewfik [expertise]5874
B-431.4.5Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Maher, Francine2972
A-203.2Office of the Registrar
Maheux, Andre(514) 340-4711
AREP (Polytechnique Retirees Association)
Mahseredjian, Jean [expertise]4870
A-343.7Department of Electrical Engineering
Mailhot, Caroline [expertise]2437
C-314.11Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Mailly, Jacinthe2986
B-427.1Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Maion, Grazia(514) 340-8513
Majeau, Christian4840
A-100Institutional Security Service
Malhamé, Roland [expertise]4884
A-429.11Department of Electrical Engineering
Malo, Louis5092
M-4002Department of Computer and Software engineering
Malouin, Monique4865
A-354Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Mansouri, Riadh2237
L-7933Information And Technologies Services
Marchand, Luc [expertise]4862
LESIAQDepartment of Mechanical Engineering
Marcheschi, Magali [expertise]3106
A-612Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Marcotte, Denis [expertise]4620
B-649Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Marcotte, Odile6958
Marcotte, Sylvie4998
A-305.20Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Mardius, Carltz4840
A-100Institutional Security Service
Margni, Manuele [expertise]3964
A-306.10Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Marin, Sébastien4840
A-100Institutional Security Service
Marleau, Benoît4814
B-265.14Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Marleau, Guy [expertise]4204
B-258.12Department of Engineering Physics
B-258.12Institute of Nuclear Engineering (Groupe d'analyse nucléaire - GAN)
Martel, Christian-Charles4003
A-378.3Department of Mechanical Engineering
Martel, Kassandra(514) 340-8514
Martel, Laurence7206
Martel, Richard(514) 340-5281
J-5090UdeM - Chemistry
Martel, Sylvain [expertise]5098
M-4408Department of Computer and Software engineering
M-4408Chaire de recherche du Canada en conception, fabrication et validation de micro/nanosystème
M-4408Institute of Biomedical Engineering
Martineau, Dany4836
C-308Building Management
Martineau, Gérard4836
C-308Building Management
Martin, Guylaine4544
B-601.12Human Resources
Martin, Maurice4836
C-308Building Management
Martin, Patrice Guy2339
B-218.11Communications and public relations
Martin, Roger(514) 340-4711
AREP (Polytechnique Retirees Association)
Martins, Nancy2412
A-429.18Pension Plan
Martinu, Ludvik [expertise]4099
B-550.3Laboratoire des revêtements fonctionnels et d'ingénierie des surfaces
B-550.3Plasma Process Laboratory
B-550.3Thin Film Physics and Technology Research Group (CGM)
B-550.3Department of Engineering Physics
B-550.3Chaire industrielle multisectorielle en revêtements et ingénierie des surfaces
Martin, Vincent(514) 340-4711
A-362Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Mary, Fabien4053
C-137Building Management
Mascle, Christian [expertise]4398
B-450.13.1Department of Mechanical Engineering
Massé, Jean-Philippe5890
A-482.2Centre for Characterization and Microscopy of Materials (CM2)
Massé, Philippe7225
A-385Department of Mechanical Engineering
Masséus, Françoise4836
C-308Building Management
Massicotte, Bruno [expertise]4501
B-265.10Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Masson, Jacques5067
CR-BUREAU5Bureau de projets
Masut, Remo [expertise]4310
C-570Department of Engineering Physics
C-570Epitaxy Laboratory (MOCVD)
Mateo-Rodriguez, Karina3943
C-240.1.1Office of Student Affairs
Matus, Emiliana4144
Maurice, Luc2992
B-210General Secretariat
Maxime, Dominique4273
T-310.LDepartment of Chemical Engineering
Mayer, Daniel3254
L-7923Information And Technologies Services
Mayer, René [expertise]4407
B-450.12Department of Mechanical Engineering
B-450.12Integrated Manufacturing Laboratory
Mayer, Vincent5922
C-124Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mbelu, Kalonji5238
A-577Department of Chemical Engineering
McDonald, Mélanie3404
J-4005Institut de l'environnement du développement durable et de l'économie circulaire (Institut EDDEC)
McLauchlan, David(514) 340-4711
Institut TransMedTech
McMillan, Alexis4836
C-308Building Management
McMillan, Maxime4836
C-308Building Management
McNeil, Doris(514) 340-4711
AREP (Polytechnique Retirees Association)
Mcneil Paquet, Francis4373
C-225Copy Centre
McNicoll, Michelle4805
C-552Department of Chemical Engineering
C-552Information And Technologies Services
McQuaid, Natasha2192
B-353.2Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
McSween, Jean-Yves5046
CR-BUREAU5Bureau de projets
Membreno Aguilar, Carmen Elena4172
A-553Department of Chemical Engineering
Ménard-Chicoine, Maude2120
T-313Department of Chemical Engineering
Ménard, David [expertise]4432
J-5069Department of Engineering Physics
J-5069Engineering Physics
Menard, François3265
C-407.8Department of Mechanical Engineering
Menard, Jean-François4817
T-310.FDepartment of Chemical Engineering
Mendez, Arnaldo2013
M-5420Department of Electrical Engineering
Mercier, Alain4836
C-308Building Management
Merhi, Ali4946
A-381Building Management
Merlo, Ettore [expertise]5758
M-4105Department of Computer and Software engineering
Messina, Atalide4836
C-308Building Management
Meunier, Michel [expertise]4971
J-4071Department of Engineering Physics
J-4071Canada Research Chair on Laser Micro/Nano-engineering of Materials
J-4071Institute of Biomedical Engineering
J-4071Laser Process Laboratory (LPL)
J-4071Engineering Physics
Meunier, Sylvain4652
Miao, Hong Yan2319
A-116Department of Mechanical Engineering
Michaud, Renée4108
T-310.JDepartment of Chemical Engineering
T-310.JInteruniversity Research Center for the Life Cycle of Products, Processes and Services
Mihai, Tatiana4038
B-218.2Office of Research/Centre for Technological Development
Millette, Louise [expertise]4257
C-522.1Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
C-522.1Bureau du Développement durable
Mirabella, Mélissa2436
B-602.19Financial Services
Miro, Ariagnee(514) 340-4331
A-203.2Office of the Registrar
Miron, Lisa4825
A-520.22Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Mohammadi ShahRokh Abadi, Mahmood [expertise]7192
M-4410Institute of Biomedical Engineering
M-4410Chaire de recherche du Canada en conception, fabrication et validation de micro/nanosystème
M-4410Department of Computer and Software engineering
Moïse, Isabelle2331
B-218.15Communications and public relations
Molla, Marie-Claire2203
A-429.23Pension Plan
Momita, Vasile3206
C-132Building Management
Mompoint, Margareth3355
B-342.1Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Mondor, Sophie4836
C-308Building Management
Monnin, Sabine4979
A-504APEP (École Polytechnique Professors' Association)
Montes, Pierre4117
B-651Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Monzon, Monica4049
A-351.6Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Mora Valdivia, German4836
C-308Building Management
Morency, Catherine [expertise]4502
B-324.3Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering
Chaire mobilité
Morin, François2353
L-7909Information And Technologies Services
Morin, Marie-Paule4661
B-310SEBEP (office workers' union)
Morin-Massicotte, Claudine4171
A-429.24Pension Plan
Morin, Robert2275
C-109Institutional Security Service
Morneau, Brigitte4319
B-601.4Human Resources
Morneau, Diane4081
B-602.15Financial Services
Mottais, Pierre4836
C-308Building Management
Mottet, Richard4918
A-408Department of Mechanical Engineering
Mouafikoune, Ahde4203
CR-1023Placement Service
Mouchet, Audrey4436
B-218.14Communications and public relations
Mouden, Laurent4072
A-345Department of Electrical Engineering
L-5722Department of Electrical Engineering
Moulik, Abdellah4840
A-100Institutional Security Service
Mousseau, Normand [expertise](514) 343-6614
Institut de l'énergie Trottier
Moutanabbir, Oussama [expertise]2587
J-4063Department of Engineering Physics
Muderwa, Mireille4783
A-203.2Office of the Registrar
Muftuoglu, Altan2367
B-277.2Department of Engineering Physics
Mullins, John [expertise]3278
M-4101Department of Computer and Software engineering
Munteanu Dumitrache, Claudia2419
C-240.4Office of Student Affairs
Mureithi, Njuki [expertise]4408
A-111.2Department of Mechanical Engineering
A-111.2Industrial Research Chair on Fluid-Structure Interactions
Murray Desrosiers, Sandra2598
C-240.2Office of Student Affairs
Myles, Yannick4840
A-100Institutional Security Service

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