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Institut TransMedTech

(514) 340-4711
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To reach a 4-digit number, first dial 514-340-4711

Directeur exécutif et scientifiqueAubin, Carl-Éric [expertise]2836A-630.5.5
Adjointe au directeur exécutif et scientifiqueDouard, Agnès2833A-630.5.1
Manager - administration and financesGenest, Karine3732A-630.5.2
Manager - communications and marketingForgues, Sylvie3757A-630.5.3
Development and integration unit
Assistant director, business development, project development and integration unitBergman, AxelA-630.5
Assistant director, partnerships, special projects & living labFaure, Marie-PierreA-630.5
Senior advisor, legal affairsMcLauchlan, DavidA-630.5
Senior advisor, innovation & project developmentMarchand, CatherineA-630.5
Scientific editor & project managementDionne, JulieA-630.5
R&D Project ManagerLiamini, DjaziaA-630.5
Scientific secretaryPoulin, MichelleA-630.5

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