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Names Starting With "o"

To reach a 4-digit number, first dial 514-340-4711

Last Name, First NameExtension
OfficeDepartment / Service
Oishi, Kentaro4033
A-471.1.2Department of Chemical Engineering
Olinger, Laurence5925
T-310.HDepartment of Chemical Engineering
Olivera, Eduardo4897
C-407.6Department of Mechanical Engineering
Orban, Dominique [expertise]5967
A-520.27Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Ortega, Isabelle4227
A-378.2Department of Mechanical Engineering
Oscarson, Stéphanie4594
CR-1043ADP (École Polytechnique Alumni Association)
Ouali, Mohamed-Salah [expertise]5929
A-305.27Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering
Ouellet, Gervais3004
Academic and Student Life Affairs
Ouimet, Olivia2428
B-510.7Office of Student Affairs
Oularbi, Mounir5040
CR-BUREAU5Bureau de projets
Ovieve, Anne-Lise3920
B-601Human Resources
Ozell, Benoît [expertise]4284
M-3422Department of Computer and Software engineering

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