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Unit Directory

Department of Computer and Software engineering

Pavilion :   Mackay et Lassonde
Phone :   (514) 340-4636
Fax :   (514) 340-5139
Email :   gigl@polymtl.ca
Web site :   http://www.polymtl.ca/gigl/

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To reach a 4-digit number, first dial 340-4711 Tél. (514) Local


Director [expertise] Langlois, Pierre 5196 M-4125
Assistant to the Director - Administration Brisebois, Isabelle 4874 M-4420
Executive Secretary Pinsonneault, Joanne 5193 M-4125

 Administrative Staff

Co-ordinator, Undergraduate Academic Support Lemieux, Johanne 4095 M-4402
Secretary Audelin, Nathalie 4758 M-4419
Secretary Daunais, Jeanne 5194 M-3002
Officer, Administrative Affairs Balthazard, Chantal 4676 M-4418
Officer, Administrative Affairs Faubert, Chantal 2227 M-4412
Officer, Student Files Hayeur, Brigitte 5117 M-4404

 Professors and Researchers

Professor [expertise] Adams, Bram 7185 M-4019
Professor [expertise] Antoniol, Giuliano 2027 M-4021
Professor Barrera, David 5080 M-3103
Professor [expertise] Bellaïche, Martine 4679 M-3414
Professor [expertise] Beltrame, Giovanni 2370 M-4109
Professor [expertise] Bilodeau, Guillaume-Alexandre 5064 M-3420
Professor Bois, Guy 5944 M-4115
Professor [expertise] Boucheneb, Hanifa 4101 M-4107
Professor [expertise] Boudreault, Yves 3232 M-4117
Professor [expertise] Boyer, François-Raymond 5062 M-4406
Professor Chamberland, Steven 340-4461 A-200
Professor [expertise] Cheriet, Farida 4277 M-3115
Professor [expertise] Dagenais, Michel 4029 M-3426
Professor [expertise] Desmarais, Michel 3914 M-4111
Professor [expertise] Fernandez, José M. 5433 M-3109
Professor Fokaefs, Marios 4723 M-4119
Professor [expertise] Gagnon, Michel 3331 M-3412
Professor [expertise] Galinier, Philippe 2228 M-3416
Professor [expertise] Guéhéneuc, Yann-Gaël 7116 M-4103
Professor [expertise] Guibault, François 4876 M-3424
Professor [expertise] Hurtut, Thomas 7109 M-3113
Professor [expertise] Kadoury, Samuel 4262 M-3418
Professor [expertise] Khomh, Foutse 4233 M-4123
Professor [expertise] Langlois, Pierre 7191 M-4125
Professor [expertise] Martel, Sylvain 5098 M-4408
Professor [expertise] Merlo, Ettore 5758 M-4105
Professor [expertise] Mullins, John 3278 M-4101
Professor [expertise] Nicolescu, Gabriela 5434 M-4113
Professor [expertise] Ozell, Benoît 4284 M-3422
Professor [expertise] Pal, Christopher J. 7174 M-3408
Professor [expertise] Pesant, Gilles 4142 M-3404
Professor [expertise] Pierre, Samuel 4685 M-3101
Professor [expertise] Quintero, Alejandro 5077 M-3105
Associate Professor [expertise] Robillard, Pierre N. 4238 M-4121
Assistant Professor [expertise] Aloise, Daniel 4891 M-3410
Researcher [expertise] Lemay, Antoine 3915 M-3111
Researcher [expertise] Mohammadi, Mahmood 7192 M-4410

 Maîtres d'enseignement

Instructor [profil] Collin, Jérôme 5060 M-4013
Instructor [profil] Gendreau, Olivier 2102 M-4017

 Research Staff

Research Fellow Bastien, Geneviève 7184 M-4015
Research Fellow Brosseau, Yannick 7184 M-4015
Research Fellow Debanné, Philippe 2130 M-3117
Research Fellow Devals, Christophe 3750 M-3421
Research Fellow Dompierre, Julien 7112 M-3423
Research Fellow Jean, Militza 5048 M-3016
Research Fellow Lalonde Lévesque, Fanny 2063 M-3222
Research Fellow Tremblay, Charles C. 5029 M-4505
Research Fellow Vallet, Marie-Gabrielle 3750 M-3421
Research Fellow Zhang, Ying 3750 M-3421

 Professional and Technical Staff

Analyst Gagnon, Francis 5963 M-4005
Analyst Lalonde, Luc 5049 M-4007
Analyst Tremblay, Laurent 7181 M-4011
Technician Brien, Jonathan 3282 M-4002
Technician Chevalier, Jean-Marc 4266 M-4002
Technician Malo, Louis 5092 M-4002

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